French Indo-China Timeline

  • Vietnamese Provinces Ceded to France

    The Vietnamese Government was forced to cede the three provinces of Biên Hòa, Gia Định and Định Tường to France. This came after the French conquest of the city of Saigon.
  • Federation

    French Indo-China is officially declared a a federation. The countries that make up this federation are Cambodia and Vietnam. This comes after France captured several Vietnamese cities in the Sino-French war.
  • Franco-Siamese War

    This war was the result of rising tensions between the Kingdom of Siam and Vietnamese rebels. At its conclusion, Siam agreed to cede Laos to France, and thus French Indo-China was expanded greatly.
  • Viet Minh Formed

    The Viet Minh is founded to seek independence from the French Empire's rule of Vietnam.
  • First Indochina War

    The First Indochina war began in 1946. It pitted the French forces of occupation against the Viet Minh as they battled for control of Vietnam.
  • Geneva Conference

    The Geneva Conference was where the plan to settle the fightingin Vietnam was layed. The country would later be separated into the North and South, controlled by different factions.
  • First Indochina War Ends

    The conclusion of the First Indochina War falls on August 1, 1954. The result of this was the separating of Vietnam into the North and South.