French and Indian war

By Markino
  • French and Indian war

    French and Indian war
    The war started after the French tried to expand to Ohio which caused conflicts between them and the British.
    This left the colonists in war debt thus making the stamp act to pay it back.
  • Sugar act

    Sugar act
    The sugar act involved the decrease in taxes for molasses from 6 cents per gallon down to 3.
    It gave British courts the ability to try the Colonial courts for smuggling.
  • Stamp act

    Stamp act
    This act made it to where anything printed had to carry a stamp which was not free. it was made to tax businesses that used a lot of paper.
    The colonials gathered together to protest against this new law which in turned worked as the court revoked it.
  • Declaratory act

    Declaratory act
    This act was made to assert to the people that the government was still in charge even thought they were successful in pushing back the stamp act.
    The colonists still saw it as a win in removing the stamp act.
  • Townshend act

    Townshend act
    This act was made to create a new board of customs to prevent smuggling.
    The colonists were not happy as this would affect many businesses that relied on it.
  • Tea act

    Tea act
    The tea act offered tax exemptions for tea coming from the British east India trading company. This actually lowered the price of the tea.
    The colonists were mad about this because they thought that this would make it easier for smugglers to continue their business.
  • Revolutionary war

    Revolutionary war
    The war began to to conflicts between the residents of the American colonies and the colonial government.
    This resulted in many British victories which led to the making of the declaration of independence.