Frederick II Of Prussia

  • Born

    Frederick II Of Prussia was born on January 24, 1712. He was born in Berlin. Frederick II Of Prussia was educated as well as a common folk, but excelled in the art of war. He also easily learned French and German. Although his father Frederick William I wanted his education to be strickly religious and pragmatic, Frederick II Of Prussia read poetry and had philosohpy lessons. This event was important because it let Frederick be able to go on to be a King.
  • Period: to

    Frederick II of Prussia

    Abby Kopp's Projext.
  • Punished

    When Frederick was 18, he plotted to flee to England with Katte and other army officers. Frederick and Katte were arrested and imprisoned. The King threatened the crown prince with the death penalty, then considered forcing Frederick to thank his brother. The King forced Frederick to watch Katte get her head cut off. This event was important because he had to learn to not get in trouble.
  • Released

    Frederick was granted a royal pardon and released from jail. Instead of returning to Berlin, he was forced to remain in Küstrin and began hard schooling. He learned statecraft and administration for the War and Estates Departments. This event was important because he could move on with his life.
  • Wedding

    Frederick II married Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Bevern. He had little in common with his bride ad didn't like the political marriage. Once Frederick II had the throne in 1740, he prevented Elisabeth from visiting his court. This event was important because he now had a Queen of Prussia.
  • Reign

    At the start of his reign, Prussia consisted of scattered territories. Frederick's goal was to modernize and unite his lands. Throughout his reign he fought in several wars. This event was important because he became king.
  • Musician

    Frederick was a gifted musician who played the transverse flute. He composed many sonatas and four symphonies. He even had a metting with Johann Sebastian Bach. This event was important because he got to have fun and let his other talents show.
  • 7 Years' War

    He was well-prepared with his army, and crossed the frontier and invaded Saxony. This began the Seven Years' War. This war lasted until 1763. This event was important because this was on of his longest wars.
  • Modernization

    Frederick transformed Prussia in many ways. Canals were built, swamps were drained for agricultural cultivation and new crops. Indirect taxes started and he promoted trade. One of Frederick's greatest achievements included the control of grain prices. This event was important because it showed how he changed Prussia for good.
  • Changing his Title

    Frederick II began titleing himself "King of Prussia" after the acquisition of Rooyal Prussia. This event was important because he was powerful enough to change his name and it showed that he controlled Prussia.
  • Death

    Frederick died in an armchair in his study in the palace of Sanssouci. He wanted to be buried next to his greyhands on the vineyard errace. But he was entombed nex to his father. This event was important because no one respected his wishes after he died.