Freddie mercury

  • Birth

    He was born on september 5th,1946, He was born in tanzania.
  • childhood

    His family moved in 1964 to middlesex.
    He spent most of his childhood in india.
  • Period: to

    young-adulthood (studies)

    Freddie studied in a school called west thames college from 1964 to 1966 then he moved to ealing art college until 1969.
  • Adulhood (ocupation)

    Adulhood (ocupation)
    He was a great singer and songwrite. Freddie was very famous for this live performances. Freddie toured many countries doing musical yours with queen.
  • Adulthood (marital status)

     Adulthood (marital status)
    freddie and mary lived together as boyfriends for 6 years, they were together until 1976.
  • Death

    Freddie died on november 24th, 1991. he died of AIDS, He was 45 when he died.