franz joseph timeline

  • Birth

    Franz Joseph was born on August 18, 1830 in Schobrunn palace in Vienna. His mother raised him with devotion and responsibility to become the future emperor.
  • Campaign in Italy

    Campaign in Italy
    Franz Joseph was sent to Italy to campaign with Field Marshal.
  • Became Emperor of Austria

    Became Emperor of Austria
    Franz Joseph became emperor of Austria at age 18. At this time he was now known for his christian name "Franz Joseph."
  • Constitution

    Franz Granted a constitution. Franz did this to take caution in his early years of ruling. ( the date was not stated, but it was in early 1849.)
  • Assassination Attempt

    Assassination Attempt
    Franz Joseph survived an assassination atttempt by a hungarian. He was taking a walk with his officers when the hungarian came up behind him and stabbed him in the neck. Since Franz was wearing his uniforn which covered his neck he was only wounded.
  • First Marriage

    First Marriage
    Franz's mother wanted him to marry her sister's eldest daughter Helene, but instead Franz decided to marry Elisabeth who is 16 and Helene's sister. They married in Saint Augustine's church, Vienna.
  • Birth of Franz's son

    Birth of Franz's son
    Franz's son Crown Prince Rudolf was born. Franz had him with Elisabeth. Rudolf later in his life killed himself in 1889.
  • Death of Elisabeth

     Death of Elisabeth
    Franz's first wife died on September 10th 1898. She was stabbed to death by an italian anarchist. Franz truely loved Elisabeth and never fully got past her death.
  • Franz's nephew's assassination

    Franz's nephew's assassination
    Franz's nephew, Franz ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo. This meant that he could no longer take the thrown from Franz. Franz did not approve of Franz ferdinand because his marraige to a countess was not morganatic.
  • Death

    Franz Joseph died on November 21 at the age of 86. He died in the schonbrunn Palace.