Frankenstein -- Pack

Timeline created by Daniel Pack
  • AD 1

    Elizabeth is adopted

    When the Frankenstein family was visiting Italy, they find her in a village and see how alone she is after her parents died. Caroline and her wife then decided to adopt her and take her to their home. P.34-35
  • AD 1

    Caroline and Frankenstein's dad got married

    After Caroline's father died, Frankenstein's dad got very close to her because they were living together so they got married. P.32
  • 2

    Tree is struck by lightning

    During a thunderstorm, a lightning bolt struck a tree close to Frankenstein. This gave him even more incentive to investigate and learn more about electricity than before. P. 40
  • 2

    Elizabeth and Frankenstein got much closer

    Since they were living together, Frankenstein and Elizabeth were able to become good friends and Frankenstein treated her as somewhat of a commodity. P. 36
  • 3

    Frankenstein goes to college

    Frankenstein goes to college in Ingolstadt, Geneva to study. He wanted to get deeper into the studies of science and electricity because of his continued interest to bring something to life
  • 3

    Frankenstein's mother dies

    After Elizabeth catches scarlet fever. Although she doesn't get very sick, she passed the fever onto Frankenstein's mom, who got very sick and eventually died
  • 4

    Got closer to the Professor

    After Frankenstein went to the university, he wanted to study more about electricity and bringing things to life. After studying for years at college he came up with his plan to make the monster.
  • 4

    Frankenstein gathers the monster parts

    After his obsession was almost peaked, Frankenstein started gathering parts in order to make his monster. This was a very long process and it took him about two years.
  • 5

    Frankenstein makes the monster

    After years of preparation, he finally makes the monster come alive. Although he thought this would be something great, he is very scared and runs out of the house. He is so scared he stays in his field all night and when he goes back in the house the next day the monster is gone.
  • 5

    Frankenstein meets up with Henry

    When they encounter each other, Frankenstein is still very scared about his monster. Henry keeps asking if he is okay but Frankenstein tells him he is okay. They then go into the house and Frankenstein is relieved but also scared when he sees Frankenstein is gone.
  • 6

    Victor becomes engrossed in Nature

    "When happy, inanimate nature had the power of bestowing on me the most delightful sensations. A serene sky and verdant fields filled me with ecstasy"(p68). After making his monster, Frankenstein goes on a journey through Europe and he uses nature to delay his fate. He tries to use nature to get stop thinking about the monster, but this only works for a brief time.
  • 7

    Victor once again finds his creature

    "...its gigantic stature, and the deformity of its aspect, more hideous than belongs to humanity, instantly informed me that it was the wretch, the filthy demon to whom I had given life." pg.73 At this point in the book, Frankenstein knows his monster was the one that killed William. This is a huge turning point for him because he begins to realize what a mistake his monster was. Also this death was the first of many by the monster which eventually tore Frankenstein's life apart.
  • 8

    Victor becomes very depressed about William's death

    "I beheld those I loved spent vain sorrow upon the graves of William and Justine, the first hapless victims to my unhallowed arts." (pg. 85) After finding out it that the monster was responsible to Williams death, and that Justine was put to death with the blame for that death, he was very sad. He felt William and Justine's lives on his shoulders and he knew it was all his fault.
  • 9

    Victor considres suicide

    "This state of mind preyed upon my health...I shunned the face of man; all sound of joy or complacency was torture to me; solitude was my only consolation- deep, dark, deathlike solitude" (Page 86).
    Once he took in the blame for Justine and William's deaths, Victor went into a state of extreme depression for a time. His everyday life was plagued with guilt and remorse for creating the monster and allowing it to do these wretched things.
  • 10

    Victor meets the monster once again

    "I perceived, as the shape came nearer (sight tremendous and abhorred!) that it was the wretched whom I had created." Pg 94
    While going on a trip in the Alps, Frankenstein encounters his monster. The monster would like to speak with Frankenstein about his life so far, so they go in a cave to discuss it.
  • 11

    The monster tells of his encounter with the family

    "Night quickly shut in, but to my extreme wonder, I found that the cottages had a means of prolonging light by the use of tapers, and was delighted to find that the setting of the sun did not put an end to the pleasure in watching my human neighbors." pg. 104 As the monster is telling Frankenstein his life story, he gets to this part of his life where he went to a families cottage an observed them for a long amount of time.
  • 12

    Monster shows he has emotion

    "I will soon explain to what these feelings tended, but allow me now to return to the cottagers..." (pg.116) After a while telling Victor his life story, the monster begins to show some emotion. This show he is not just a creation that is not anything like human. Also, Victor likely felt badly for the monster because it was his fault the monster had bad feeling in his life.
  • 13

    The monster learns language

    Pg. 113 "My days were spent in close attention, that i might more speedily master the language; and I may boast that I improved more rapidly than the Arabian." While still telling his life story to Frankenstein, the monster tells how he learned to speak. He was at the cottage where he spent a considerable amount of time and he absorbed the language from the speakers in the cottage.
  • 14

    Monster learns Safie's backstory

    "The government of France was greatly enraged at the escape of their victim and spared no pains to detect and punish his deliver. The plot of Felix was quickly discovered, and De Lacey and Agetha were thrown into prison." (pg.120)
    After learning the language, the monster was able to further observe the family, and he was able to understand the life of Safie.
  • 15

    Monster tries to talk to the DeLaceys

    Page 126
    The monster attempts to have a normal conversation with the blind man, and it was going well. However, once the rest of the family arrived and saw the monsters appearance, the were very scared and made him go away.
  • 16

    Monster burns down the house of the DeLaceys

    Page 133
    After being denied from a normal conversation with the family, the monster become very mad because they are judging him by his looks. With this anger, he burns down their house and goes away. This shows how he acts like a child and will do things to get revenge even though they should not be done.
  • 17

    Victor agrees to make the female monster

    Page 142
    After some convincing, the monster gets Frankenstein to agree to make a female companion monster. This shows how the monster has some control over Frankenstein and that he is able to manipulate him into doing what he wants.
  • 18

    Victor ventures to England

    Page 150
    Frankenstein decides to go to England with Clerval, but really he is going to make the female monster. He is continuously distracted by the though of making the monster and he isn't able to enjoy the experience.
  • 19

    Victor begins to construct the female monster

    Page 157
    After leaving England, Frankenstein goes to Scotland in search of a place to make this new monster. He finds a small island and begins his work. Although the monster did convince him to create the monster, he is still uneasy when thinking about it.
  • 20

    Victor stops construction of female and ruins it

    Page 161
    As Victor nears the end of the creation of the female monster, he begins to think more about the possible consequences of creating ANOTHER monster. The monster is highly angered by this and he tells Victor he will have revenge. This is similar to the way he got revenge on the DeLacey's after they did something he didn't like
  • 21

    The townspeople think Victor Killed Henry

    "But I was doomed to live and in two months found myself as awaking from a dream, in a prison, stretched on a wretched bed, surrounded by jailers, turnkeys, bolts, and all the miserable apparatus of a dungeon." (Page 169)
    Victor goes ashore in a boat and the people that find him think he killed Henry. He is then brought to prison, becomes very sad, and doesn't have a good few months before he is let out.
  • 22

    Victor gets married to Elizabeth

    "We passed rapidly along; the sun was hot, but we were sheltered from its rays by a kind of canopy while we enjoyed the beauty of the scene, sometimes on one side of the lake, where we saw Mont Saleve, the pleasant banks of Montalegre, and at a distance surmounting all, the beautiful Mont Blanc and the assemblage of snowy mountains..." (Page 183)
    This is the first time Victor was happy in a long time. Last time he was in nature, he was distracted by the monster, then went to prison.
  • 23

    Monster Kills Elizabeth

    "Suddenly I heard a shrill and dreadful scream." (Page 196)
    After promising to get revenge on Victor for his inability to make the female monster, the monster goes to kill his wife. Victor thought the monster meant he was going to kill him, so he was guarding himself, not thinking of his wife. He becomes even more depressed and his father soon dies of grief.
  • 24

    Victor tries to hunt down the monster

    "Amidst the wilds of Tartary and Russia, although he still evaded me, I have ever followed in his track." (Page 194)
    After grieveing for awhile, Victor looks back and sees how sad the monster has made him. He then decided the only thing he can do is go chase the monster and attempt to kill it. This is where he finds Walton's ship, going back to the beginning of the story.
  • 24


    "His voice became fainter as he spoke, and at length, exhausted by his effort, he sank into silence. About half an hour afterwards he attempted again to speak but was unable; he pressed my hand feebly, and his eyes closed forever, while the irradiation of a gentle smile passed away from his lips." (P. 206-207)
    Victor dies after telling his whole story and telling Walton to hunt down the monster as his last wish. The monster then comes on the ships to see Frankenstein, but leaves wanting to die
  • Period:
    AD 1

    Frankenstein development

    From chapter one to five, Frankenstein's character develops from something of an interested scientist to a mad scientist. After being so engrossed in his work for more than two years, he made the monster. This exemplifies how his ambition took over his ability to make clear decisions. In the beginning of the book, he was only curious, but his ambition took this curiosity over the edge. As a result, his character became darker and he wasn't as rational as he was before.
  • Period:

    Character Development ch 6-14

    "William is dead!... Victor, he is murdered!" (Page 69)
    This is a huge turn in Victors life. It shows how he the monster is beginning to affect him. This creation that he thought would be the greatest thing ever beings to destroy his life and his first set of guilt sets in. This leads to the rest of the book where Frankenstein become more sad.
  • Period:

    Character development ch15-20: Victor hears monsters life story

    Page 122
    Victor sits down with the monster and hears his life story. This changes his views on the monster and how he made decisions later in life. He also began to see that he should have taken care of the monster, adding to his list of regrets.
  • Period:

    Character Development ch21-24

    "How can I describe my sensations on beholding it? I feel yet parched with horror, nor can I reflect on that terrible moment without shuddering and agony." (Page 169)
    After seeing his friend dead, Victor has a whole new level of craziness. After the whole book of being sad and depressed, this pushes him over the top. All of this craziness leads to his larger hate for the monster