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    Elizabeth is adopted

    Elizabeth is adopted by Frankenstein's loving sweet parents
    Pg. 34-35
  • 2

    He started to discover old alchemy science

    Frankenstein started to develop a desire to study the science of alchemy. He began to put a lot of his time into studying this science. Pg. 39-41
  • 3

    Mother dies trying to help Elizabeth

    As Elizabeth began to get sick, it got pretty bad so her mom tries to help her. Her mom became ill as she was helping her daughter Elizabeth get better and died
    Pg. 46-48
  • 4

    Gets super caught up in his work

    Frankenstein's desire for the study of alchemy began to get too serious and out of hand. He started cutting people out from his life and not paying attention to anybody or anything for a long time. His relationship with his family began to seperate.
    Pg. 49
  • 5

    Frankenstein creates his monster

    He creates his monster and realizes that he could've made one of the biggest mistakes in his life. He is shocked that his monster is actually alive and he has to take responsibility for his monsters actions.
  • 7

    William is murdered

    Victor's younger brother William is murdered and Victor heads for Geneva as quickly as possible and walks around the woods where Williams body was found.
    "William is dead! That sweet child, whose smiles delighted and warmed my heart, who was so gentle, yet so gay! Victor, he is murdered!" Pg. 69 p3
  • 8

    Justine adits to crime

    Justine finally confesses to the crime but she tells Elizabeth and Victor that she is innocent
  • 9

    Victor becomes really depressed

    Victor becomes really upset and considers committing suicide but he stops himself by thinking of Elizabeth and his father
  • 10

    Presence of nature is introduced

    Victor explores the nature and tries to find his true self as he is exploring
  • 11

    Monster begins to tell his tale to Victor

    The monster realizes he doesn't belong in the villages or cities so he accepts the fact that he needs to live in the forest
  • 12

    Monster meets the family

    The monster is introduced to the family from the cottage and learns how to speak French
  • 13

    Monster gets closer with the family

    The monster gets more comfortable with the family and he begins to not just learn how to speak French but also read books
  • 14

    Felix visits Turk in prison

    Felix visits Turk in prison and eventually falls in love with his daughter. Safie sent Felix letters thanking him for his intention to help her father
  • 15

    Continues his ambition to read books

    Now that the monster has his new ability to read, he is in the forest searching for food, he finds books and reads them the entire night.
  • 16

    Monster wants revenge against all humans

    The family rejects him due to his appearance and the monster wants revenge against all humans
  • 17

    Monster is desperate for a companion

    The monster badgers Victor about creating a new girl companion for him and victor agrees to it at first
  • 18

    Monster continues asking for companion

    When the monster first told Victor that he wanted a girl companion he agreed at first but then Victor thought about it more in depth and decided not to create a companion for him
  • 19

    Victory and Henry travel to England

    As they travel to England, Victors becomes less attached to his creation and starts to take less responsibility.
  • 20

    Victor continues his travels with Henry

    As Victor and Henry travelled to England, Henry tells Victor how he wants to continue his travels and he ends up shifting away from the monster
  • 21

    Victor hears witnesses testifying against him

    Witnesses testify against Victor saying that they a mans body along the beach and and just before finding the body washed up on the beach, Victor's boat was in the ocean.
  • 22

    Victor and his father stop in Paris

    As Victor and his father stop in Paris victor rests and gains his strength back. Before both of them leave for Geneva, Victor receives a letter from Elizabeth worried about Victor's illness
  • 23

    Elizabeth is murdered

    The creature has murdered Elizabeth to get back at Victor for not completing the tasks that the monster wanted him to like creating a female companion for him
  • 24

    VIctor's life is destroyed

    Victor leaves for Geneva and tries to leave all the painful memories behind. He begins to track the monster and follows him around to witness his actions. Victor later on meets up with Walter and talks to him about everything that has been going on
  • Period:

    Elizabeth's letter

    Elizabeth is concerned about Victor's illness and begs him to write to his family in Geneva.
    "Get well- and return to us. You will find a happy, cheerful home adn friends who love you dearly." Pg. 62, p3