• Griffins new school

    Griffin and friends go to the new school at cedarville Middle School and every morning they have warm ups. The principle says he found a real superbowl ring and it as donated by a widow who used to be married to Art Blankenship a couch.
  • The problem

    Griffin loses his retainer and relized he lost it when he was at savanahs house not knowing it was going to get him in big trouble
  • Big Big Trouble

    The superbowl ring in its diplay was stolen and in the case was Griffins lost Container.
  • Court

    Now instead of going to school, he has to go to school for bad kids and meets someone he doesn't know is going to help.
  • The first Plan

    Griffin and his friends make fake auction at the court thinking the theif will come to sell the ring and the principle, a reporter and darren and a kid comes but in the end they get caught.
  • Pinned downed

    Now, Griffin can't leave the house the because he is grounded and not aloud to leave and to talk to his friends.
  • Plan 2

    Griffin talks to his friend because Melissa (one of his friend) sets up a video chat (like skype) and then they make a plan bythey make Logan (also griffins friend) to make friend with the principles daughter because they think he has it, then Logan will look around the house .
  • Jewlery Thought

    When the plan goes into action, logan checks the house and finds a Jewlery box and every body thinks its in there but the principle comes home so he runs.
  • Backfire Part 1

    When the kids find out that the principle knows what Logan does, they run home as fast as they can whill Griffin comes home from the school for bad kids. They talk again and take a cell phone because from savanahs house they see the principle going with the jewlery box thinking he is going to sell the ring.
  • Backfire Part 2

    Griffin not thinking, follows the principle from his house and takes a picture with his friends of the principle selling a neckless at a jewlery store and the principle catches them
  • Revisit to Court

    Now the judge says Griffin has to wear a ankle brace and will tell the cops and there parents that Griffin has stepped out of there house and is not going to school. Griffin gives up but savanah who was having a packrat problem figures out that the retainer Griffin lost was because packrats love shiny thing and switched th ring with the retainer and left it in the case and got to school by hiding in savanahs purse.
  • Plan 3

    Griffins friend at the school for bad kids says his dads living is catching wildlife and catches alot of packrats and knows how to find there colections and can attract packrats so Melissa hotwires Griffins ankle brace and make sure his parents aren't home so he makes a email to his parents saying there lawyer has something to help with the problem. They are going to do this on the school play Logans in so he can distract everybody.
  • The School Play Part 1

    When they make it to the school with Griffin, the play has started.
    They use spray that wildlife can't resist so the find the packrat, and when its scared it will run back to its colection to hide and protect it. They find it in the furnase room and its nest is in a hole high on top of the boiler so the through a rope onto the boiler so Pitch( Griffins athletic friend) climbs it but she can't fit bewteen the boilers.
  • School Play Part 2

    They send Griffins best friend Ben who is very small through and Ben sees the superbowl ring beside the packrat. He almost gets bitten but gets the ring. When he comes down Darren snatches the ring but then the kid who went to the fake auction steals it from him and all along the principle was watching.
  • School Play Part 3

    When Griffins parents relize this was a trick by Griffin, they run back home and resets his brace making his brace call the police.\
    The principle grabs Griffin and speeds his way through traffic and gets him home saying sorry he thought Griffin stole it . They lie to the cop saying he was here the whole time and the cops leave.
  • Freedom

    The next day the principle talks to the judge saying it was a packrat all along. Griffin goes back to school as a normal boy again with a new thing on his record: Framed