FOTA 1b DBrandt

  • 100


    ealy civilizations probably walked around to get places.
  • 400

    animal riding

    once people learned that they could ride animals they started using them
  • Jan 1, 600

    2 wheeled carts

    around the time of the invention of the wheel, people put a box on the wheels and attached them to horses.
  • Jan 1, 700

    closed top carts

    they started to put 4 wheels on carts and close off the top of the carts.
  • the first stem powered car

    small barely achiveing 2 mph
  • first planes

    the wright brothers succcesfuly flew thier first plane
  • mass production

    car companies start mass producing cars making the cost go down
  • ford motor company founded

    henry ford started the ford motor company.
  • model T

    ford starts producing his famous model T
  • Period: to


    DELAG carries tourists around germany in these
  • fuel efficient vehicles

    hitler introduces the voltswagon. he demanded that it be at least 30mpg
  • prius hybrid

    the prius is introduced by toyota
  • luxury carts

    the carts were made nicer and rich people started to use them.