Forensics Science Timeline

Timeline created by JoseHiguita27
  • 1,750 BCE

    History of Finger Printing

    History of Finger Printing
    fingerprints pressed into clay tablets for official documents starting between 1792-1750b.C.
  • 1,684 BCE

    Western Beginnings

    Western Beginnings
    Paper being written based on a set of finger prints dating back to 1684
  • -300 BCE

    Early Finger prints

    Early Finger prints
    Chinese historians believed they have found palm prints pressed into clay and wood for documents before by humans
  • Johann Christoph Andreas Mayer

    Johann Christoph Andreas Mayer
    "the arrangement of skin ridges us never duplicated in two persons."
  • Jan Evangelist Purkyn

    Jan Evangelist Purkyn
    first to describe the nine fingerprint patterns including loops, spirals, circles, and double whorls.
  • Sir William Herschel

    Sir William Herschel
    Each Fingerprint pattern is unique to the individual
  • Alphonse Bertillon

    Alphonse Bertillon
    was the first to identify repeating offenders with fingerprints patterns.
  • Galton and sir E.R. Henry

    Galton and sir E.R. Henry
    developed and identification system for fingerprints
  • Ivan Vuceith

    Ivan Vuceith
    Noted measurements and did overall improvements to the finger identification.
  • Sir Francis galton

    Sir Francis galton
    figured fingerprints do not age and first person to solve a murder looking at one.