ford trucks

  • The Ford model tt

    The Ford model tt
    according to media ford the first truck made by ford was the Ford model tt this was revolutionary because it was the first truck ford ever made.
  • First f-100

    First f-100
    This truck is significant because it was the first production truck designed and produced all by Ford
  • first car truck

    first car truck
    This was an important addition to the time line of ford trucks because it showed people wanted comfort and style but still be able to have a truck.a this time trucks were very basic and used for work only but this will be a factor in change.
  • The first Ford crew cab f-250

    The first Ford crew cab f-250
    The first Ford truck with a back seat now they could fit a whole family with you and it made the truck even more luxurious this truck helped shape the Ford truck line up asit is today
  • Ford Bronco

    Ford Bronco
    This vehicle was very much important to the landscape of the modern trucks not only did it introduce the 4x4 to the ford line up it also added a reliable comfortable adventure vehicle to the fleet.
  • The Courier.

    The Courier.
    Many believe that the Ford ranger was the first compact truck but It actually the ford courier which shows that the public wanted smaller trucks with better fuel mileage
  • Fords first dully

    Fords first dully
    This truck changed the format of the Ford lineup as the two extra wheels helped the truck tow 4850 lbs more than it's counter part f-150
  • The first Ford diesel

    The first Ford diesel
    this truck is the same as the dually as in it helped add more selection to the ford line up and more towing capacity.
  • The Ford lightning

    The Ford lightning
    This truck helped Ford build their side department called the S.V.T unit where they were able to build other trucks and cars.Including the 2nd gen lightning and the Ford raptor.
  • The electric ranger

    The electric ranger
    so if you thought that the new ford lightning was the first electric truck you'd be sadly mistaken.That title goes to the electric ranger.
  • The Ford Raptor

    The Ford Raptor
    The Ford raptor changed the truck landscape it was the first truck to be completely off-road capable straight out of the factory.
  • The new Ford lightning

    The new Ford lightning
    This vehicle is bringing in the new electric age and is based off of the f-150 this truck is defienetly going to do better than the electric ranger considering the range is doubled.