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Ford, Nixon, and Carter's Foreeign and Domstic Policies

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  • Nixon's Organized Crime Control Act

    Nixon's Organized Crime Control Act
    The OCCA was created because Organized Crime was a threat to America's economy and safety. The purpose of the OCCA is "to seek the eradication of organized crime in the United States by strengthening the legal tools in the evidence-gathering process, by establishing new penal prohibitions, and by providing enhanced sanctions and new remedies to deal with the unlawful activities of those engaged in organized crime."
  • Nixon and HEW

    HEW stalled on implementing desegregation of southern school districts until prodded by federal court orders. By 1970 the administration had bowed to the inevitable, with Nixon setting the tone by declaring that legal segregation was in admissible; almost all of the all-black southern schools were merged into unitary school distrcts by 1970, and less than ten percent of all black school-children attended all-black schools by that time, a major advance proceeding administration.
  • General Ford Pardons Nixon

    Pardoned President Richard Nixon for his role in the Watergate Scandal, this dropped his popularity by 21% overnight. Not only did public opinion surveys reflect powerful anger about pardonin Nixon before he could even be indicted but, by Ford's own admission, there were only seven hundred favorable letters among the 4 thousand recieve by the White House.
  • Nixon's Foreign Policy

    Nixon announced on national television that he would become the first president ever to visit the People's Republic of China, a nation which has remained isolated from the West wince the communist revolution 1949. "We simple cannot afford to leave China outside the family of Nations." Nixon envisioned a future in which more cordial relations among the major world powers would allow for ventures profitable to all.
  • Carter's Enegry Policy

    Carter's Enegry Policy
    This was one of Carter's largest concerns. In this policy he really emphasized on conservation. They used methods such as heavy taxing on oil to encourage people to shift from large vhicles to smaller ones. Ths policy was actualy opposed by many people.
  • Carter's Economic Stimulus Package

    Carter's Economic Stimulus Package
    Was a twenty-three to thirty billion dollar progam that was eighteen months long. It increased spending to create more jobs and emphasized on tax cuts to encourgae businessmen to increase capitol investments.
  • Carter and the International Economy

    Was the opening of a trade deficit, because Americans were buying more from other countries than those countries were purchasing from the United States. The U.S. pressed its allies to by more American products. These efforts failed to close the trade gap and to boost the protectionist sentiment in the U.S. This also caused the struggle of the weakening of the American dollar.
  • President Carter and Afghanistan

    President Carter and Afghanistan
    The Soviet's invaded Afghanistan in order to protect their Marxist regime. The U.S. felt this was an extension of their threat to US interest in the Persian Gulf. The Us responded with multiple different pressures such as a grain embargo, boycotting the Mascow Olympics, warning against any efferts to gain control of Persian Gilf area, they also had a military build up. These pressures did not persuade the Soviet's to withdrawl from Afghanistan.