Ford by Devlin Zarn

  • Period: to


  • Ford Created

    Henry Ford creates the Model T
  • Model T making huge sales everywhere

  • End of factory made Model T andreplace by Model A

  • Model A created

  • Military Jeeps Made

    Ford begins to produce general-purpose "jeeps" for the U.S. military and shifts completely to military production starting
  • Shares Explosion

    Ford common stock goes on sale, with 10.2 million shares sold in the first day, representing 22 percent of the company
  • MUSTANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loads of Cash for Ford

    Ford's worldwide earnings were $5.3 billion, the highest of any auto company to date
  • Jaguars!

    Ford spends $2.5 billion to buy Jaguar Cars
  • Explorers!

    Ford introduces the Explorer sport utility vehicle. Though the Explorer is the nation's best-selling SUV model, sales hit a 15-year low in Nov. 2005 and fell 29 percent for 2005
  • Mazda!

    Ford buys 50 percent of Mazda Motor Manufacturing and changes that company's name to AutoAlliance International
  • Chinese Dealerships

    Ford opens its first dealerships in China. Its brand sales in China increased 46 percent in 2005, though it still lags behind General Motors Corp. and Germany's Volkwagen AG in China. By the end of 2005, the number of Ford dealers in China totaled 150, up from 100 in 2004
  • Hybrids!

    Ford's new gas-electric hybrid SUV, the Mercury Mariner, goes on sale. It costs $4,000 more than the gas-only version and has the endorsement of the Sierra Club
  • Jaguars back?

    Ford announces it will transfer $2 billion to shore up Jaguar Cars, which it bought in 1989 for almost $3 billion in today's prices
  • Cut Back

    Ford announces it will cut up to 30,000 jobs and idle 14 plants by the year 2012.
  • Shelby GT500 V8 gets 670 hp