Food preperation

  • Jul 27, 1000

    start the fire

    start the fire
    find good wood to burn
  • Nov 17, 1400

    they started useing fireplaces

  • Nov 17, 1490

    first oven is invented in France

  • Prince Rupert improves the fire place

  • Castol stove is invented

    Castol stove is invented
  • the Franklin stove is invented

    the Franklin stove is invented
    (by benjimin franklin of course) used for heating not cooking
  • rumford fireplace is invented

  • count rumford invents the rumford stove

  • James sharp invents the first successful gas stove

  • coal oven was invented by Jordan Mott

  • iorn stoves start to really improve

  • canadian inventor Thomas Ahern invents the 1st electric oven

  • electric ovens started comeing up

  • wood stove is invented

    wood stove is invented
    put wood into the stove and turn it on
  • first toaster was desighned

  • A.G.A cooker was invented by Gustaff Dalen

  • Dr.Percy Spencer invents the microwave oven

  • Period: to

    prepareing a meal

  • turn on your stove

    turn on your stove