Floyd Cooper

  • Born

  • Graduated from the University of Oklahoma

    As a boy, Floyd would pick up a piece of scrap and use it to etch drawings on the home’s exterior. His father rebuked him and told him to scrub them away. To Mr. Cooper’s account, it started his illustration style. Encouraged by his art teachers, he developed his talents in high school and earned a scholarship.
  • Headed to New York for new beginnings

    Had gone to New York in hopes of becoming an aspiring writer.
  • Illustrated first book!!

    He had finally made his big break when he illustrated Eloise Greenfield's "Grandpa"s Face."
  • Completion of other books

    He had gone on to write and illustrated "Max and the Tag Along Moon," "The Ring Bearer," & "African Beginnings."
  • Brick By Brick

    This book illustrated Charles R. Smith Jr.’s story of enslaved people who toiled to build the White House.
  • Juneteenth for Mazie

    A story about his father telling a young girl about the origins of Juneteenth along with its significance.
  • Date Of Death

    He had passed away due to cancer. Although he's no longer here, he is continuously celebrated every May 5th to honor him and his legacy.