Flowers For Algernon

  • Charlie Takes His First Test

    Charlie takes his first test. They show him pictures ok ink blots and he has to say what he thinks they look like. He doesn't really understand the concept of the test and thinks he fails it. "I tryed hard but I still couldnt find the pictures I only saw the ink. I told him maybe I need new glasses."- Charlie (Page 372)
  • Charlie First Races Algernon

    When Charlie goes in to get tested more he is taken to a different part of the hospital and asked to race a mouse called Algernon. They raced through a maze, or a Charlie calls it, an "amazed." Charlie didn't like the race that much because Algernon kept on winning and it made him feel bad about himself. "Anyway that test made me feel worser that all the others because they did it over 10 times with different amazeds and Algernon won every time." -Charlie (Page 374)
  • Charlie Finds Out He Is Going To Be Used

    After taking multiple tests, Charlie learns he is going to be used. Charlies teacher, Miss Kinnian said to Charlie, "Charlie your going to have a second chance. If you volunteer for this experience you might get smart." Charlie really has no idea what he is selected to be used for but he is proud of himself. (Page 374)
  • Charlie Gets The Operation

    Charlie gets his operation to make him smarter. He was very scared to get the operation done but he did it. "If the operashun works Ill show that mouse I can be as smart as he is." -Charlie. This quote shows that Charlie is very eager to prove his ability when he is going to become smart. (Page 375)
  • Charlie Receives A Present

    Dr. Strauss gives Charlie a "present." The present is a little TV-like machine that says things while Charlie sleeps. It is supposed to help Charlie learn with his subconcious mind. Charlie doesn't seem to like the "T.V" that much at first. "That crazy TV kept me up all night. How can I sleep with something yelling crazy things all night in my ears." -Charlie (Page 378)
  • Charlie Beats Algernon

    This is the day that Charlie beats Algernon for the first time. Charlie also decides that he wants to be friends with Algernon on this day as well. "I think I'll be friends with Algernon." -Charlie (Page 380)
  • Charlie realizes his "friends" aren't his friends

    While Charlie was at a party people started to laugh at him. Instead of joining in like he usually does, Charlie realizes that they are making fun of him. "It's a funny thing I never knew that Joe and Frank and the others liked to have me around all the time to make fun of me. Now I know what it means when they say "to pull a Charlie Gordon. I am ashamed."-Charlie (Page 383)
  • Charlie realizes he's getting smarter

    On this day Charlie figures out that the operation worked. That he actually is getting smarter. "Anyway, now I know I'm getting smarter every day."-Charlie (Page 383)
  • Charlie Takes Another Rorshach Test

    Charlie takes another Rorshach (inkblot) test and he understands it this time. This is a significant sign of progress. Charlie thinks that the test is pretty easy now and doesn't believe that it's supposed to be as easy as it is. "Unless- I don't know anymore- could I have been that feeble-minded." -Charlie (Page 385)
  • Charlie Quits His Job

    Charlie quits his job at the factory because his boss said it would be better for everyone if he left. Everyone is afraid of him because he has gotten smarter. The idea of that scares people. The workers signed a petition to make him stop working. "... Mr Donnegan showed me the petition. Eight hundred and forty names, everyone connected with the factory, except Fanny Girden."- Charlie (Page 388) Charlie thinks that his intelligence has ruined some of his friendships and parts of his life.
  • Algernon Starts To Change

    Algernon is starting to change. It started when he bit Charlie and now he is being as cooperative as he was before."He is less cooperative; he refuses to run the maze anymore; general motivation has decreased. And he hasn't been eating." -Charlie (Page 394)
  • Algernon Dies

    Algernon dies. His brain weighs less then it did. Charlie thinks that the same thing will happen to him eventually. "I put Algernon's body in a cheese box and buroed him in the back yard. I cried." -Charlie (Page 396)
  • Charlie gets his Old Job Back

    Charlie gets his job at the factory back, Everyone feels bad for him because he used to be smart. "Late Frank Reilly came over and said Charlie if anybody bothers you or trys to take advantage you call me or Joe and we'll set em stratight." -Charlie (Page 400)
  • Charlie Decides to Move to New York

    Charlie decided to move to New York because he wants to go somewhere where nobody used to know he was smart. He doesn't want people to feel bad for him anymore. "If you ever reed this Miss Kinnian dont be sorry for me Im glad I got a second chanse to be smart becaus I lerned a lot of things that I never even new were in this world and Im grateful that I saw it all for a little but. ... P.P.S. Please if you get a chanse put some flowers on Algernons gave in the bak yard."- Charlie (Page 401)