Florence R. Sabin Life Timeline

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    Florence R. Sabin Birth

    Florence Rena Sabin Parents were George K. Sabin, a mining engineer, and Serena Miner Sabin, a schoolteacher.
  • Florence R Sabin Childhood

    Born on November 9, 1871, she grew up in a simple house in central city. Her dad George K. Sabin, her mom, Rena Miner. Sabin and her sister Mary Sabin who was two years older.
  • Going To School

    She graduated with a science degree. Because she was a woman, she wasn't able to attend the medical classes at the collages she wished to attend. In 1896 she found a good medical that alowed men as well women.
  • Major accomplishments and their impact

    She was one of the first women physicians to build a career as a research scientist. She was one of the first women on faculty at Johns Hopkins school of medicine, building an impressive reputation for her work in embryology and histology (the study of tissues).
  • Married/Family

    surprisingly I never got married or had children!
  • Growing Old

    Florence R. Sabin was 81 when she died and lived from 1871-1953.
  • Florence R Sabin Death

    Florence R Sabin died when she was 81 from a heart attack and lived from 1871-1953