Flint Michigan Crisis

Timeline created by kalajianh24
  • A pipeline is being installed to use Flint River Water.

  • They switch to Flint River water.

  • Flint announces there has been bacteria found in the water and they boost the chlorine.

  • The city informs they have coli-form bacteria again in the water and boost even more chlorine.

  • The DWSD offers the cost of 4 million to switch back to their water. The city declines.

  • Children start getting ill and developing rashes.

  • The EPA notifys that even in one home are extremely high lead levels.

  • The city concil votes and decides to get back the Detroit water but the state emergency manager rejects it.

  • An EPA manager eleases an issue on the highly dangerous lead levels in the tap water in Flint, Michigan.

  • MDEQ orders Flint to use corrosion treatment in the water right away.

  • After the study they find the led coming from the pipes.

  • The MDHHS look over the tests and goes to schools, test the water and gives away free water fountains with clean water.

  • The citizens sign a lawsuit for so many state officials due to the lead.

  • Flint decides to go in state of an emergency.

  • Start ordering bottled clean water to any citizens who do not have clean water.

  • MDEQ announces that Flints water level is under the federal limit.