FL Condo

By dcarico
  • Seperation

  • Counsel with John Soileau FL Real Estate

    Paid for and recieved legal advice from John Soileau, a Florida real estate attorney. Options for loan modification for the FL mortgage were discussed and it was decided to attempt load modification under the "Making Home Affordable Act" requiring me to go deliquent on payaments and make FL residence.
  • Contact Attorney Nick Romer

    Legal advice from Attorney Nicholas Romer concerning change in residency.
  • Make Florida legal residence

  • Stop Paying FL Mortgage to begin Load Modification

  • PSA Signed

  • Quitclaim Deed (Blank) sent to Louis Waterman

  • Quitclaim Deed sent to Ms. Carico ready for her to sign

  • Contempt Motion Filed. Failure of Ms Carico to sign Quitclaim deed

    This is the date of an email requesting my signature on affidavit.
  • Incomplete Quitclaim deed (missing witness) delivered to Louis Waterman

    Ms Carico delivers impcomplete Quitclaim deed to the office of Louis Waterman.
  • Matter came before Court's Motion Hour to compel Ms. Carico to sign

  • Memorandum filed concerning Ms. Carico signing

  • Jan 25 memorandum amended

  • Court orders Ms. Carico to pay attorney fees generated compeling her to sign

  • Incomplete Quitclaim Deed Received

    Quitclaim deed received without proper signatures
  • Court upholds Feb 21 order after Ms. Carico appealed

  • Ms. Carico properly signs Quitclaim Deed

  • Quitclaim Deed filed in Brevard Co

  • Foreclosure summons served on Ms Carico