Fitzgerald Reserach.

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  • Scott Fitzgerald born.

    Scott Fitzgerald born.
    In September 24, 1896 Francis Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul Minnesota in Laurel Avenue.
  • Fitzgerald and his studies.

    He would often neglect studying which led no, into joining the military in 1917. Here he wrote his first novel “The Romantic Egotist”.
  • Fitzgerald meets her.

    Fitzgerald meets her.
    In June 1918 is where he is assigned to go to a camp near Sheridan near Montgomery where he met Zelda Sayer, the daughter of one of the officials.
  • Fitzgerald gets rejected.

    He was discharged from the army in 1919 and went to New York to seek for his fortune but Zelda refused to be with him due to his low income.
  • His career.

    His novel was accepted and now his career started as a novelist who would publish in newspapers and more. He would post in Saturday Evening Posts..
  • Marriage.

    After the novel “This Side of Paradise” was published him and Zelda got married in New York in
  • Moves to New York.

    Moves to New York.
    He moves to NY and writes his second novel “The Beautiful and the Damned” which presents the Jazz Age.
  • Zelda gets pregnant.

    Zelda gets pregnant.
    Zelda got pregnant after one year of marriage which made them return to St. Paul for the birth of their only child Francis Scott Fitzgerald in October 1921.
  • Broadway failure.

    The Fitzgeralds moved to Great Neck Long Island to be near broad way because Fitzgerald had written a play that was called “The Vegetable” which was a failure, so,he just worked on short stories to pay the debt.
  • Went to France.

    Went to France.
    The Fitzgeralds went to France in 1924 where “The Great Gatsby” was written. Scott revised the novel while in Rome during the winter of 1924-1925 then the family was in its way to Paris when the novel was published. However, it wasn’t a real success, so they just stayed in France until the end of 1926.
  • Back to America, return to France.

    Due to the distractions of living in France the Fitzgeralds went back to America and rented a mansion in Delaware for two years. During this time Zelda started doing ballet hoping she would be a professional dancer. They returned in the spring of 1929 where her intense training damaged her health.
  • Fourth novel.

    Fitzgerald completed his fourth novel in 1934 called “Tender is The Night” which shows and explains the deterioration of the marriage between an American psychiatrist and a wealthy mental patient. This novel of course mirrored his actual marriage with Zelda.
  • Her first breakdown.

    In April of 1937 she suffered her first breakdown and was treated in the Pragins Clinic in Switzerland until September 1931. Fitzgerald’s work paused again to write short stories to pay for her psychiatric treatment. They returned to America in 1931 where Zelda relapsed a year later in John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.
  • Crack-up years.

    These years were categorized this name because of his inability to write anything because of his alcoholism after their stay in Baltimore and he did not maintain home for Scott which sent her to Boarding School at the age of 14.
  • His death.

    After written “The Love of the Last Tycoon” in 1939 he died from a heart attack on December 21st, 1940. He died believing he was a failure because of his inability to publish novels frequently.