First dodge

First Cars Timeline

  • First Buick car

    First Buick car
    Buick produced Model B touring cars rated at 15 to 21 hp
  • First Dodge

    First Dodge
    In 1914, noted engine manufacturers John and Horace Dodge decided to distance themselves from their supplier roots and produce their own brand of automobile.
  • First Mustang

    First Mustang
    The name Mustang was suggested by a man named Eggert, a breeder of quarter horses, who received the book The Mustangs as a birthday present from his wife in 1960.
  • First Camaro

    First Camaro
    The 1969 Camaro is the best Chevrolet of all time, according to Chevy fans who voted online in the centennial celebration poll
  • First Nissan car

    First Nissan car
    The first NISSAN model was made with equipment purchased from an American company, Graham Paige Motors, so the size of the vehicle was comparable to the Fords and Chevrolets at that time.