Fingerprint Timeline

Timeline created by cfaile
  • 1,750 BCE

    The History of Finger Printing

    The History of Finger Printing
    Fingerprints used to be pressed into clay for official documentation which started between 1792-1750 BC
  • -300 BCE

    The Earliest Fingerprints

    The Earliest Fingerprints
    Chinese historians believe they have found palm prints pressed into clay and wood for important documentation
  • Western Beginnings

    Western Beginnings
    A paper written based on fingerprints discovered from 1684
  • Johann Christoph Andreas Mayer

    Johann Christoph Andreas Mayer
    Recognized fingerprints were unique to each individual. "The arrangement of skin ridges is never duplicated in two persons
  • Jan Evangelist Purkyn

    Jan Evangelist Purkyn
    Was the first to describe the nine fingerprint patterns which include loops, spirals, circles, and double whorls
  • Sir William Herschel

    Sir William Herschel
    Used fingerprints for identification on contracts. Discovered each fingerprint is unique.
  • Alphonse Bertillon

    Alphonse Bertillon
    The first to identify repeating offenders using distinct fingerprint patterns.
  • Galton and Sir Henry

    Galton and Sir Henry
    Developed and introduced an identification system for fingerprinting.
  • Ivan Vucetich

    Ivan Vucetich
    Noted measurements and improved the fingerprint identification system overall
  • Sir Francis Galton

    Sir Francis Galton
    Was the first person to use fingerprints to solve a murder. Figured out fingerprints do not change with age.