Final Timeline Project

  • Period: to


  • A significant loss occurs.

    how i felt during two stages of grief :
    I felt angry because I felt like it was unfair for this to happen to me. Also, I felt in denial because I did'nt want to believe she was actually gone .
  • A Family relative starts smoking again

    3 long term effects of tobacco :
    1.lung cancer
    2. a weakened immune system
    3. chronic bronchitis
  • Puberty Begins

    1. mood swings
    2. Irritabilty
  • Home sick with the flu for the entire week

    3 things to treat it :
    1.proper nutrition
    2. rest
    3. lost of fluids
    how to prevent it :
    1.avoid indirect and direct contact
    2.wash your hands often
    3. avoid close contact with sick people
  • Face a challenge to one of the three areas of the health triangle

    I did'nt have a lot of friends , I wasn't very SOCIAL. To overcome this , I greeted more people and wasn't so quiet also , I broke my shyness and had a positive attitude
  • Learns about his/her family history of health disease and realizes they need to eat healthier foods

    4 health related conditions that i will now be at lower risk from:
    1. Type 2 Diabetes
    2. cardiovascular disease
    3. certain cancers
    4. stroke
  • Makes a pledge to stay abstinent.

    Three tips on being abstinent
    1. you achieve your goals
    2. you maintain a healty body
    3. you avoid risky behaviors
  • Brooklyn starts drinking on weekends

    I have 4 negative concerns '
    2. Memory loss
    3.Damage to relationships with family, friends and others
    4. Drive after binge drinking
  • Takes keys away from best friend before he/she drives home from a party.

    1. Drinking and driving is not safe and you could get into a serious accident and harm yourself
    2. you could get in trouble with the law
  • A stressful event occurs

    My Grades go down . This physicallyaffected me because I was dissapointed and frustrated.
    healthy coping method I used was resilent
  • Creates a health goal in hopes of improving his/her overall health

    health goal : GET 8 HOURS OF SLEEP EACH DAY
    I will achieve this by turning my phone off at 8 because that's what usually keeps me up and take care of my responsibilities before it's time for bed