Final Project

  • Industrial Revolution

  • Shay's Rebellion started

  • Constitution signed

  • Shay's Rebellion Ended

  • George Washington elected

  • Bill of Rights ratified

  • John Adams elected

  • Thomas Jefferson elected

  • Marbury vs. Madison

  • James Monroe elected

  • Monroe Doctrine

  • Andrew Jackson elected

  • Martin Van Buren elected

  • John Tyler elected

  • James Polk elected

  • US-Mexican War started

  • US-Mexican War Ended

  • Zachary Taylor elected

  • Fugitive Slave Law

  • Millard Fillmore elected

  • James Buchanan elected

  • Civil War Began

  • Abraham Lincoln elected

  • Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Speech

  • Civil War Ended

  • 13th Amendment created

    The amendment that abolished slavery
  • Andrew Johnson elected

  • 14th Amendment created

    defined what it means to be a citizen. prohibits states from taking people's privileges.
  • Ulysses S. Grant elected

  • 15th Amendment created

    gave all men the right to vote regardless of race or color.
  • Rutherford Hayes elected

  • James Garfield elected

  • Grover Cleveland elected

  • Benjamin Harrison elected

  • Progressive Era Began

  • WIlliam McKinley elected

  • Theodore Roosevelt elected

  • William Howard Taft elected

  • 16th Amendment created

    Gave federal government rhe power to collect income tax
  • Woodrow Wilson elected

  • Archduke Frand Ferdinand Assasination

    One of the events thatr led the world into WWII
  • World War I started

  • Wilson's 14 Points Adressed

  • World War I Ended

  • Treaty of Versailes signed

  • 18th Amendment created

    Prohibited alcohol
  • Progressive Era ended

  • 19th Amendment created

    gave women the right to vote
  • Calvin Coolidge elected

  • Immigration Act passed

  • Great Depression started

  • Herbert Hoover elected

  • Warren Harding elected

  • Dust Bowl

  • 20th Amendment created

    Gave details on the term of office for Congress and the President
  • 21st Amendment created

    repealed the prohibition of alcohol
  • New Deal started

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt elected

  • New Deal ended

  • World War II began

  • Great Depression Ended

  • Pearl Harbor Attack

  • D-Day

  • World War II Ended