Film History Timeline

  • Camera Partially Built

    This camera did not consist of any electronics. It used a glass and light to shine and flip an image on a piece of paper.
  • Celluloid developed

    This is the most iconic type of film. It is used to capture images and individual frames.
  • Projector created

    The projector was made to show images on a flat surface using light. It would shine a light through a film and then project it.
  • First narrative in a Movie Made

    This was a movie that had an actual story come with it. It lasted 12 minutes with 14 scenes.
  • First movies with Color

    Movies before this were black and white. Movies like The Wizard of Oz showed color inside a movie for the first time.
  • Beginning of Blockbuster Era

    Movies began to be exciting and popular. People would come in mass to see movies, such as JAWS.
  • Movies become digital

    Film begins to become outdated. People are able to see movies using digital media.