film history timeline

  • the house of the devil

    the house of the devil
    first ever horror movie that started this genre
  • the great train robbery

    the great train robbery
    first western film released. mostly about a group of bandits who had police chasing/tracking them down
  • fantasmagorie

    first cartoon animated film
  • tillies punctured romance

    tillies punctured romance
    first comedy film was silent.
  • one exiting night

    one exiting night
    first funny scary movie
  • the jazz singer

    the jazz singer
    first film that featured sounds
  • white zombie

    white zombie
    revolutionized the zombie movies
  • Godzilla king of monsters

    Godzilla king of monsters
    first Godzilla movie. and was one of the biggest movies that involve huge fantasy creatures that destroys stuff and fights other big creatures
  • the god father

    the god father
    revolutionized drama movies
  • stunts

    first movie to involve a stunt move
  • Jurassic park

    Jurassic park
    revolutionized CGI in movies
  • toy story

    toy story
    revolutionized animated movies for years to come