Film History Timeline Assignment

  • How it started

    How it started
    The first camera was built in 1816
  • first film ever

    first film ever
    this was the first film ever made
  • kodak camera

    kodak camera
    in 1888 the Kodiak camera was made
  • kinetoscope

    The kinetoscope was made in 1892 by Thomas Edison
  • the first movie

    the first movie
    the first movie with a narrative was produced in 1903 by Edwin porter
  • Nickelodeon Theater

    Nickelodeon Theater
    By 1910 nickelodeons were averaging around 26 million viewers a week
  • Talkies

    producers introduced films with talking in them
  • color in film

    color in film
    Color in the film was first introduced in 1939 movies like wizard of oz
  • Godzilla's appearance

    Godzilla's  appearance
    Godzilla was made in 1954
  • first Blockbuster movie

    first Blockbuster movie
    jaws start the blockbuster era
  • star wars

    star wars
    The first star wars film is made in 1977 wins the golden globe award
  • CGI

    CGI was incorporated in films