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  • The very first commercial movie showing.

    In Paris, France at the Grand Cafe two brothers named Auguste and Louis Lumiere host the very first showing of a commercial movie. The brothers showed a lot of different short films of everyday french life. Like a couple walking, a kid running ect.
  • Venezuela First Cinema

    Venezuela initially had a boom of screenings in 1890 but when we entered the 20th century so all manufacturing shut down. In Venezuela they had a film circuit at Circo Metropolitano, Café La Francia, and Teatro Caracas. eventually all of those film places shutdown in 1907.
  • New Genres!

    During the 1920s many new genres of movie came out for example the first country/ movie "Cruze's The Covered Wagon" was released. other genres like horror had its first release like Nosferatu which is the very first Dracula movie. The very first Documentary was filmed in 1922 its called "Nanook of the North" by Robert Flaherty's.
  • Fox sells his interest in Fox Film!

    in 1930 a man named William Fox who was the owner of a major film company sold his interest for 18 million dollars. He sold out because of the economic crisis happening in 1930 . his company and filed for bankruptcy and move to Long Island, NY
  • Morale War Films

    During the 1940's there was a lot going on cause of world war 2 so many films were created. The films were videos of the Men serving over seas and videos of their families. It also wasn't rated back then so any kid could see it
  • 3D MOVIES!

    on April 25th 1953 the very first 3D movie was released. The movie is titled " The Power Of Love". the man who created 3d movies is named William Friese Greene he made them because he wanted the movies to be more realistic.

    in the 1960s colored film was becoming popular. the creator Edward Turner invented the color film by shooting frames through red blue and green filters. Turner died not long after his invention August 15 1973.
  • Resrictions

    In the 1970s moves had more color which means it looks more real so they had to add a bunch of Ratings on the movies. At this point kids couldnt go see a adult movies that are rated R, but they also had M (Mature) , and G (General Audience). Often people would have their older friends go pay for the ticket then help their younger friends sneak in.

    in the 80's there was a boom in the sells of blockbuster movies since the mid 70's. The very first blockbuster movie is called "Jaws" by Steven Spielberg made 472 Million dollars. at this time there was a store called "Blockbuster" that sold and rented movies they later closed on September 10th 2010
  • new era of producers

    in the 90s there were many new film makers like Tarantino, Spielberg,Clint Eastwood, and Christopher Nolan. Many of these producers had very famous films in this time and they still make great movies today. in the 90s movies where known for their close ups with dialog.

    in the 2000's Movie streaming was becoming popular. For instance Netflix came out in 1997 but really started to make a lot of money in the early 2000's and is now being cancelled other services Like Hulu (2007) and Prime Video (2006). These services came out to compete with theaters and also to get ride of physical copies.
  • The Death of Cinema

    the 2010's were in the of middle of an Electronic boom people are now using Youtube,Netflix, Hulu, Apple music, Spotify, Ect. by the end of 2020 I believe Cinema might not even exist due to the creation of so many digital streaming platforms which all together probably have every movie and song written and published.