Film History

By kimoraw
  • First Movie Ever Made

    Roundhay Garden Scene was the first movie ever made. It was 2.11 seconds and it was silent.And it was 10-12 frames a second.
  • First Movie Ever Made

    First Movie Ever Made
    Roundhay Garden Scene was the first film ever made and it lasted almost 3 seconds. It was shot at 10-12 frames per second.
  • Motion Pic Camera

    William Kennedy Laurie Dickson made the first motion picture camera it is called the Kinetograph
  • First modern motion-picture camera

    First modern motion-picture camera
    William Kennedy Laurie Dickson made the first modern picture camera and named it Kinetograph. Then he made a trial film with it, "Monkeyshines No. 1". It is the first motion picture ever produced in the US
  • 1900s

    Movies started to become popular in this time. The Brownie Camera was first introduced. Sherlock Holmes first appeared in film.
  • Stars

    New York Times coined the word stars used in film today. United States had like 9k movie theaters at this time. Acting in movies was seen as bad and acting plays was good at this time
  • 1910s

    Film companies started to move to Hollywood in California. Subtitles began to appear regularly. The first movie stunt was a man jumping into the Hudson River from a burning balloon.
  • The Debut of Thomas Cat

    The Debut of Thomas Cat
    The first color cartoon (it was 2 colors). It was the first animated short made in color using color film. Made by Bray's Picture Corporations.
  • 1930s

    Most popular films were musicals, "gangster" films, newspaper movies, westerns, comedies, and melodramas. Motion Picture production code was a thing and it made it where you couldn't show bad thing like gangs and immoral activity. Pluto was introduced from Mickey Mouse
  • 1940s

    Disney released Pinocchio. Disney also released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which IS a really big movie. Tom and Jerry debuted.
  • 1980s

    An ACTOR, RONALD REGAN was somehow elected as president and that didn't go too good lol. SNL set a record for how many cars were at set (150). CNN was the first 24 hour news station.
  • 2000s

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Freddy v Jason, Spider Man films were being made based off comics. The Grinch. Mission Impossible made 215.4 million
  • 2010s

    Movie industry made more than $11 billion in domestic box-office revenue.
    Toy Story 3 won Best Animated Feature Film.
    Warner Bros was the highest grossing film studio.
  • 2020

    Covid. A lot of movies stop going to movies and go to streaming platforms like Netflix. Companies like disney and HBO Max have their own streaming services they put their films on.