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  • Horse In Motion

    Horse In Motion
    This motion photography was accomplished by using multiple cameras and grouping the individual pictures together in a single motion picture. He set up many different trip wires for the cameras to set off and capture the horses movements in which he wanted to see if the horse had one hoof on the ground while galloping, or none. The video proved that the horse did have always one hoof on the ground while galloping. Thus, motion photography was born
  • Roundhay garden Scene

    Roundhay garden Scene
    This is the worlds oldest surviving motion-picture film. Directed by Louis Le Prince, though it's a 2.11 second long film, it still counts as a movie. This film shows actual consecutive action.
  • Arrival of a train

    Arrival of a train
    This was a 50 second silent film that showed a train being pulled up to the station. Urban legend says when the film were first shown, People were terrified and screamed wile some had to leave the room. This film just shows the aspect of everyday life back then.
  • A trip to the moon

    A trip to the moon
    This 1902 French film was about a giant cannon that could shoot a capsule of men directly on the moon. Directed by George Melies, the inspiration comes from Jules Verene's 165 novel, "From the earth to the moon." This comes fro a time when people thought it was impossible to do such.
  • Frankenstein

    This 1910 film was the first motion picture adaptation of Mary Shelly's novel. This 12 minute film was basically silent and grainy, which this film was shot in one day. This film was shot at Edison Studios.
  • Payday

    This American film was made by First National Pictures. This film was directed, written, and starred in by Charlie Chaplin. This film is about his wife wanting all his money. He keeps enough of it to go out drinking. He returns home just to pretend he has woken up to go to work.
  • Wizard Of Oz

    Wizard Of Oz
    This is one of the first films produced with color. This film is about a girl and her dog get swept up from a tornado and transformed into a fantasy world, trying to escape. This film soon became the most popular and is still shown in theaters til this day.
  • Gaslight

    This film is a psychological thriller. The woman whose husband slowly manipulates her into believing she is going insane. The woman won "best actress award" in a leading role.
  • The ten commandments

    The ten commandments
    This is an American epic religious drama. This film was filmed in Egypt. This film was then labeld as top ten in America
  • You only live twice

    You only live twice
    This 60's film directed by Lewis Gilbert is a british spy film. An American NASA spacecraft Jupiter 16 is hijacked from orbit by a UFO. Upon his arrival, Bond attends a sumo match where he is approached by Japanese secret service agent Aki, who takes him to meet local MI6 operative Dikko Henderson.
  • Salems Lot

    Salems Lot
    A novelist and a young horror fan attempt to save a small new england town that has been invaded by vampires. This drama was influnecial on the horror aspects of film. Then, the gere began to skyrocket.
  • Gandhi

    This film waas an Indian indepnedance movement and the deteriorating results of British colonisation on India.This film received eleven nominations at the 55th Academy Awards.The British Film Institute then ranked Gandhi the 34th greatest British film of the 20th century.