Film History

By Lawomi
  • First "film" ever mad

    First "film" ever mad
    The movie was made to answer a question, are all four of a horse's hooves her off the ground at the same time while the horse is galloping? The video proved that they indeed were and, more importantly, motion photography was born.
  • First camera invented

    First camera invented
    Eastman came up with a camera, and all you have to do is press a button and they do the rest. Purchasers returned their camera for developing, they return it to them with a new roll of film. before this photographers had to use a plate of glass negative for each shot.
  • First action film released

    First action film released
    The great train robbery is 1903 American silent western film made by Edwin S. Porter. The movie was based on real life incidents involving outlaws. Its about a gang of outlaws that rob a train and flee but are defeated by a posse of locals.
  • First animated cartoon

    First animated cartoon
    Blackton experimented with drawing by doing Fram by frame photos to show movement. James Stuart Blackton and Thomas Edison called the film "the humorous phases of funny faces". After that J. Stuart Blackton continued to make more animations.
  • First movie stunt

    First movie stunt
    A man jumps into Hudson River from a burning ballon.It was the first movie stunt to be recorded. The actors name isn't listed, there was no surviving copy of the film either.
  • Warner Bros. is established

    Warner Bros. is established
    Rin Tin TIn makes his debut in a short called where the north begins. The dog was the first Warner Bros 'star' and was very successful for the studio. They later create King Kong, The Jazz, and Godzilla.
  • first film with sound

    first film with sound
    The Jazz Singer, American musical film released in October 6, 1927, is the first film to be made with sound. It changed everything and ended the silent era. The film is very controversial considering one of the actors did blackface in the film.
  • Technicolor is invented

    Technicolor is invented
    Eastman made moves vivid, and have a lot of contrast through his first technicolor movie. With technicolor, color became available in the service of drama. His movie became so popular that now people associate them with nostalgia for the past.
  • First comedy made

    First comedy made
    The first ever comedy ever made is "Tillie's Punctured Romance". The movie premiered on December 12, 1914 at the Los Angles Republic Theatre. The film was a huge success.
  • first color 3D film

    first color 3D film
    First horror film to be created in color, and 3D. The film's name is The House of Wax, by the Warner brothers. The glasses made it so you can look to the left and right images.
  • first color television broadcast

    first color television broadcast
    The first national color broadcast is the " the 1954 Tournament of roses Parade". The Tournament of Roses parade had the largest audience, because of that a lot people got to see color.
  • Growth of 3D films

    Growth of 3D films
    After the 90's 3D film improved and got way more popular. Movies like sinbad, Aladdin, finding nemo etc.