film camera evolution

  • 1558

    cámara oscura.

     cámara oscura.
    Large wooden box with its front side closed with the lens, the artist supported a semitransparent cardboard on a glass to be able to copy the photographed image.
  • Daguerrotipo

    The positive image is obtained with a layer of silver iodide, which forms the image when detached with light and mercury vapors.
  • Primera Cámara Kodak con pelicula.

     Primera Cámara Kodak con pelicula.
    George Eastman launches Kodak's first roll film camera under the banner: "You push the button, we do the rest."
  • Leica 1

     Leica 1
    3 exposure camera with 35mm color film. They used magnesium powders as a source of artificial light. Developed in Germany
  • Koda Chrome.

     Koda Chrome.
    The first film appears color photography, by kodak.
  • Kine Exakta.

    Kine Exakta.
    First reflex SRL with 35mm film, it was called "Soviet Sports Camera"
  • Polaroid Land.

    Polaroid Land.
    The photos are developed minutes after they have been taken.
  • DEC 12,1975 Primera cámara digital Kodak

    DEC 12,1975 Primera cámara digital Kodak
    Developed by Kodar, built by Steve Sasson. He used a magnetic band cassette, he started digital photography
  • CASIO QV-10.

    CASIO QV-10.
    First camera with a liquid crystal display, aimed at consumers.
  • Kodak DC-25

     Kodak DC-25
    Camera with Compact Flash memory card.

     CANON REBEL 500D.
    Canon digital camera.
  • LEICA S.

    LEICA S.
    LEICA S.
    37.5 mega pixel CCD, with a size of 30x45 mm. 3 inch LED screen.

    Compact camera of 18.1 mega pixels, 20x optical zoom, long battery life and Wi-Fi.
  • Socialmatic - Instagram Polaroid.

     Socialmatic - Instagram Polaroid.
    Digital camera with a physical device with the concept of Instagram. It allows you to apply the same filters of the application and print photos instantly, it also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and allows you to upload images instantly to social networks. It has a 4.3-inch touchscreen and 16GB of storage.