Fever Pitch Final Project

Timeline created by Hugo Machado
  • Nick's parents get divorced

    Nick's parents get divorced because Nick's father left to live with another woman. Nick is still a young child but realises this and is not happy about it. This is an important episode in Nick's life and will be important in the future
  • Arsenal vs Stoke City

    This isn't Nick's first contact with football but it is the one in which he falls in love with it. His father took him to this game to try and bond with his son. This game meant a lot to Nick.
  • Nick becomes obsessed with Arsenal

    After the Arsenal vs Stoke City game, Nick becomes obsessed with fooball and specially Arsenal. Nick develops an unconditional love for Arsenal since 1968.
  • Pelé

    Nick watched Pelé play for the first time in June 1970 and beggins to understand how international football is, as he only watched Arsenal play in the English league.
  • Nick and Bob McNAB

    Nick meets one of Arsenal's players, Bob McNAB. He gets vey happy for meeting some of the people at who he gets mad at during games when they lose. It was Nick's first contact with a professional football player
  • Death for the first time (Leeds vs Arsenal)

    Nick goes through a tough and intense experience when he sees a man die of a heart attack in front of him. Nick was shocked for a few days after the incident. He had never seen death in front of him.
  • Graduation day

    Nick turns 15 and moves to another section of the stands where all young men sit at games. This section is specially for the young mens and most fervent fans. This was a new era in his life. He felt he was a men when transfered to this section of the stands.
  • Nick's interests change

    Nick has a period of his adolescence in which he no longer attends to watch Arsenal play at home. He spends most of his time with friends, girls or partying. It goes from 1976 to 1986
  • Carol breaks up with Nick

    Carol, Nick's girlfriend broke up with him right before Arsenal's match. This episode in Nick's life was important because he says that altough Carol broke up with him she showed him a life appart from football.
  • Nick rediscovers football

    Nick falls in love with football again while studying at Cambridge University. He started attending Cambridge United games and tried to go to London everytime he could to watch Arsenal's games and be in touch with his former team again.
  • Nick starts to like writting

    Nick starts to like writting but does not want to get involved in anything related to it in University. Some time after this, he is worried his lack of experience of writting might not lead him to a good job.
  • Filling a hole

    Nick is trying to figure out his place in the worls. He does not like his job at all and is living through a low point in his life. This time of his life matches with a low point during Arsenal's ¨life¨. Both of the are struggling at this point.
  • Nick gets his life together

    Nick goes to watch Arsenal defeat Tottenham in a semifinal match. This game matches a point in Nick's life where he is happier with himself. This match helped him lift him up out of his low points.
  • Heysel Tragedy

    At this point, Nick was working as an English teacher in London. Nick watched the incident on TV with some of his italian students. It was very embarrasing for him to explain to his italian students that the hooligans from his country had killed 38 people. This episode made Nick be mad and embarassed at English football for years.
  • Nick has grown up

    In 1989, Nick had a stable job. He worked at a Trading Company and was Happy. One day, Nick decided to go to Highbury to watch Arsenal play. It was a different game because he bought tickets in the area where he had once watched Arsenal play for the first time with his father. This made him reflect about his life and understand he had grown up. He still loved football but it was no longer a matter of life and death.