Fertile Cresent

  • 350

    Persian Beginning

    Persian Beginning
    The Royal Road was used.
  • Period: 350 to 550


  • 550

    Persian Ending

    Persian Ending
    End of The Persians.
  • Oct 25, 612

    Assyrian Beginning

    Assyrian Beginning
    This is when the first brutal pro military came about.
  • Period: Oct 25, 612 to


  • Oct 25, 1150

    Babylonian Beginning

    Babylonian Beginning
    These people created the first law code known as Hammurabi's Code.
  • Period: Oct 25, 1150 to


  • Oct 25, 1200

    Hittites Beginning

    Hittites Beginning
    These people were the first to use chariots and iron.
  • Period: Oct 25, 1200 to


  • Hittites Ending

    Hittites Ending
    The ending of the Hittites.
  • Babylonian Ending

    Babylonian Ending
    The ending of the Babylonians was at this time.
  • Period: to

    Fertile Cresent

  • Chaldean Beginning

    Chaldean Beginning
    The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was created.
  • Chaldean Ending

    Chaldean Ending
    The Chaldean period ends.
  • Assyrian Ending

    Assyrian Ending
    End of the Assyrians.
  • Period: to Oct 25, 600


  • Akkadian Beginning

    Akkadian Beginning
    In this time period the first empire was built.
  • Period: to


  • Sumerian Beginning

    Sumerian Beginning
    The first cilvilization was created during this time period.
  • Akkadian Ending

    Akkadian Ending
    The Akkadian Empire fell.
  • Period: to


  • Sumerian Ending

    Sumerian Ending
    The Sumerians ended at this time.