Fearless by Eric Blehm

  • Chapters 19 pages 240

    Non-Fiction: History--0-77; total(77) The first twenty or so pages the author talks about how he got started writing about this book. He says how he talked to people who were part of Seal Team Six, then who later died. Writes about the interview he did with people who knew Adam Brown, a member of Seal Team Six, but died in action before the killing of Binladen. Right now I am reading about Adam as child through highschool, then how he got into drugs collapsing his life he once admired.
  • Pg 77-144; total(144)

    Now the book is talking about the relations Adam had with people like his family, members of seal team six, and his friends he was close to. One member of seal team six talks about how Adam inspired, helped, and motivated people while in training. Also little events that they went through while in combat. Towards the end of when I stopped reading it began with his path to his finding of the Lord and how much effect his faith with God took in his life.
  • Pg 144-204, total(204)

    "Adam Brown finding Christ is what changed the man he once was and hated to be," said his father. The author talks more about Adam's relationship with God. Then it starts to get to the point of his death and how people said that Adam knew he was going to die soon. Now Adam has died in action and I am at the point of how people were effected by his death.
  • Pg 204-240; total(240)

    Now completed with this thrilling book. Adam Brown spread the word of God to his seal team six members who some say some of the members did convert because of Adam. Now it talks about the killing of Binladen and the crash of seal team six helicopter. Then ends it with a few memory moments of Adam Brown.