• Seed Drill

    Jethro Tull invents the seed drill.
  • Threshing Machiene

    Andrew Meikle invents the threshing machine
  • The cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin.
  • Jar For Preserving Food

    Francois Appert invented the preserving jar for food.
  • Cast Iron Plow

    Charles Nwebol patented the first cast iorn plow
  • Iron Plow

  • icebox refrigerator

    Thomas Moore of Maryland invents the icebox refrigerator
  • iron plow with interchangeable parts

    Jethro Wood patents iron plow with interchangeable parts
  • Period: to

    canning industry

    U.S. food canning industry established
  • Barbed wire

  • grain Reper

  • Steel Plow

  • Mixed chemical fertilizers

    1849 Mixed chemical fertilizers sold commercially
  • Corn Picker

  • milking machiene

  • perishable food preservation

  • soil improvement and crop rotation

  • Tractor

  • Gene Gun

  • GPS Technoligy

  • Robotic, milking machiene