Famous Photographers

Timeline created by Iriswatters
  • Joseph Niepce

    Joseph Niepce
    He was known for using bright lights, and black & white for his photos
  • Louis Daguerre

    A French artist, painter, photographer, and a developer of the diorama theatre. He is the most famous for development of daguerreotype which is one of the earliest successful methods of photography.
  • Mathew Brady

    Mathew Brady
    He was best known for taking photos of the Civil War.
  • Edward Muybridge

    Edward Muybridge
    An English inventor and photographer. For his begining work in motion-sequence still photography he became known as the "Father of the Motion Picture."
  • Lewis Hine

    Lewis Hine
    He was known for Reform movement.
  • Edward Weston

    Edward Weston
    He was best known for his carefully composed, sharply focused images of natural forms, landscapes, and nudes.
  • Dorothea Lange

    Dorothea Lange
    A photographer whose portraits of farmers during the Great Depression.
  • Ansel Adams

    Ansel Adams
    He is known for his black-and-white images of the American West.
  • Margaret Bourke-White

    Margaret Bourke-White
    Bourke-White was influenced by Arthur Wesley Dow, an influential printmaker, designer and photographer who focused on two-dimensional rhythm and harmony made possible through line, color, light, and dark.
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson

    Henri Cartier-Bresson
    a French humanist photographer considered a master of candid photography, and an early user of 35 mm film.
  • Yousef Karsh

    Yousef Karsh
    He is known for his portraits of important and famous men and women of politics.
  • Arnold Newman

    Arnold Newman
    He was known for his "environmental portraits" of artists, politicians, and abstract still life images.
  • Diane Arbus

    Diane Arbus
    She was best known for her intimate black-and-white portraits.
  • Richard Avedon

    Richard Avedon
    Richard Avedon was best known for his work in the fashion world and for his minimalist portraits.
  • Jerry Uelsmann

    Jerry Uelsmann
    He is best known for his innovative work with the photo montage technique.
  • Annie Leibovitz

    Annie Leibovitz
    American photographer noted for her dramatic, quirky, and iconic portraits of a great variety of celebrities. Her signature style is crisp and well lighted.