Family History

  • Born

  • Pearl Harbor

  • End of WWII

    Japan surrenders
  • First Job

    Worked at a Taxico gas station in Columbia, Missouri.
  • Beginning of Vietnam War

    U.S. provides military aid to France to suppress Vietnam freedom fighters
  • Sputnik

    Soviets launch “Sputnik”
  • 1st Born

    Daughter Julie was born.
  • Marriage

    I married my wife Joan in Ottumwa, Iowa. The ceremony was small but just the right size.
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
  • JFK Assassinated

    President John F. Kenneddy was murdered during a parade.
  • 2nd Born

    My son Jim was born.
  • MLK Assassinated

    He was shot on the porch of his hotel in the morning time.
  • RFK Assassinated

    Robert F. Kenneddy, JFK's brother was killed.
  • Woodstock

    400,000 people attend “Woodstock
  • Watergate

    The Watergate crisis begins when four men are arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate office building in Washington, D.C. on the same day that Okinawa is returned from U.S. control back to Japan.
  • Vietnam War Ends! Nixon Resigns

  • End Of Cold War

    The Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party gives up its monopoly of power, continuing the trend, since the beginning of the Berlin Wall coming down, that the Cold War was about to end. The ending of the Cold War was completed, in many ways, by the strong policies of U.S. President Ronald Reagan toward the Soviet block. Six days later, a plan to reunite Germany was announced.
  • Beginning of Gulf War

    Iraq invades its neighbor, Kuwait, setting into motion the beginning of U.S. involvement in the Gulf War. Four days later, the United Nations begins a global trade embargo against Iraq. On November 29, the United Nations passes a resolution, #678, stating that Iraq must withdraw its forces from Kuwait by January 15, 1991 or face military intervention.
  • Desert Storm

    Five days after the U.S. Congress passes a resolution authorizing the use of force to liberate Kuwait, Operation Desert Storm begins with air strikes against Iraq. Iraq responds by sending eight Scud missiles into Israel.
  • Gulf War Ends

    he Gulf War ends one day after Iraq withdraws its forces from Kuwait and sets the oil fields on fire. A ceasefire is declared and Iraq accepts the condition of disarmament after one hundred hours of ground fighting. On April 3, the United Nations Security Council passes Resolution 687, calling for the destruction and removal of the entire Iraqi chemical and biologircal weapons stockpile, plus ballistic missiles with a range greater than 150 kilometers. Iraq also agrees to withdraw its support
  • First Bombing World Trade Center

    The World Trade Center is bombed by Islamic terrorists when a van parked below the North Tower of the structure explodes. Six people are killed and over one thousand are injured.
  • 1st Grandkid

    Grandson Nate was born, giving me my 1st grandchild.
  • 9/11

    The world trade center is bombed, creating a miserable America.