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Facebook Timeline

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    Facebook Timeline

  • The Start of Facebook

    The Start of Facebook
    Facebook was founded on Febuary 4 2004
  • The founders of Facebook

    The founders of Facebook
    The founders of Facebook are;
    -Mark Zuckerburg
    -Dustin Moskovitz
    -Eduardo Saverin
    -Andrew McCollum
    -Chris Hughes
  • Facebook Expansion

    Facebook Expansion
    Facebook begins allowing other people from universities and colleges to join.
  • The Wall

    The Wall
    Facebook introduces the "wall" which allows you to write meassges and other things on profile pages.
  • Facebook Expands Again

    Facebook started allowing high schools to join.
  • Facebook allows others

    Facebook allows others
    Facebook introduces additional networks and starts allowing people with corporate email address to join.
  • Facebook Expansion #3

    Facebook Expansion #3
    Facebook begins to allow anyone over 13 to join.
  • Facebook $$

    Facebook $$
    Facebook agrees to sell %1.6 share of Facebook for $240 million to Microsoft.
  • Introducing Chat

    Introducing Chat
    Facebook introduces chat.
  • The Like feature

    The Like feature
    Facebook begins allowing you to like other pictures that people have posted.
  • Location Feature

    Location Feature
    Feature introduces the location feature with allows you to share your location with others.
  • The timeline.

    The timeline.
    Facebook introduces the timeline which allows you to seethe highlights of someones profile page.
  • Facebook goes Mobile

    Facebook goes Mobile
    Facebook goes mobile on all devices. Allows us to download the app on Androids, IPhones, and for mobile web users.
  • Buying Instagram

    Buying Instagram
    Faceboo introduces plans to buy instagram which is a photo-sharing socail network . In the end Facebook finialized the deal and is valued at $740 million.
  • One billion users

    One billion users
    Facebook announces that it has 1 bilion active users.
  • #Hashtag

    Facebook announces that it wil be introduced clickable Hastags which will allow users to follow trending discussions.
  • Buying another Social Network

    Buying another Social Network
    Facebook announced in February 2014, that it would be buying mobile messaging company Whatsapp for US$19 billion in cash and stock.
  • Filtering Rumours

    Filtering Rumours
    Facebook's algorithm is programmed to filter out false or misleading content. Algorithm- a procedure or formula for solving a problem.
  • Users Worldwide

    Users Worldwide
    Facebook is used by over 1.4 million people all around the world