Siege 3

Siege of Leningrad

  • Hitler invades Russia

  • Germans encircle Leningrad

    Germans encircle Leningrad
    With the Red Army much to outflanked, the Germans plow through with the Blitzkrieg. While the rest of the army rolls through Russia, Hitler orders that Leningrad isnt to be directly attacked but trapped without food, water, or any other living supplies.
  • Germans cut off supply route

    Germans cut off one of the main supply routes to the city, severing flow of rations to the city
  • Corpses pile up

    Corpses pile up
    Corpses pile up in the Russian streets as a result of the inability to bury the dead because the earth was too frozen. Estimated 55,000 dead. "You just had to step over corpses in the street..."
  • Lake Lagoda freezes, new supply route made

    This supply route sent in barely any supplies but it still sent in supplies
  • Hitler orders that Leningrad be destroyed

    Hitlers orders that Leningrad be destroyed by land and air attacks
  • Hitler stops offensive

    Hitler orders the stop of all German advanvements as winter is setting in.
  • Operation Spark

    Operation Spark
    Soviet forces break through German lines to give citizens much needed rations
  • Soviet Forces overtake Germans

    Soviet Forces overtake Germans
    In a massive two week offensive the Soviets overtake the German North Army Group
  • Germans are ousted from city, siege is over

    Soviets open up Russian railway to Leningrad and Stalin declares the siege is over.