1960 timeline

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  • W. Dam

    W. Dam
    Warrangamba Dam is open by Premier of NSW
  • Berlin Wall Built

    Berlin Wall Built
    Just past midnight during the night of August 12-13, 1961, East German soldiers and construction workers headed to the border of West and East Berlin. While most Berliners were sleeping, the workers quickly constructed a barrier made of concrete posts and barbed wire along the border.
    When Berliners did finally wake, they found themselves stuck on whichever side of the border they had fallen asleep on. For nearly three decades, East Germans would be kept behind this barrier, the Berlin Wall.
  • First American to orbit the earth

    First American to orbit the earth
    John Glenn becomes the first American to orbit the earth.
  • Melbourne-Voyager incident

    Melbourne-Voyager incident
    Collision between two warhsips, they were performing manoveurs off Jervis Bay when the Voyager sailed under Melbourne's bow. She cut into two and sunk, 82 of her crew killed.
  • Malcolm X Death

    Malcolm X Death
    Great black Leader Malcolm X, shot dead, becoming a role model for Black Americans.
  • Death of Premier

    Death of Premier
    Premier of Queensland Jack Pizzey dies in Office
  • Last person to be hanged in Australia

    Last person to be hanged in Australia
    Ronald Joseph Ryan, the last person to be legally executed in Australia.