F. Scott Fitzgerald

Timeline created by Camgatsch
  • Birth

    Born on September 24 1896 in St. Paul Minnesota.
  • College

    While attending Princeton university, he often neglected his typical work to work on his literary training.
  • Academic probation and army

    After being put on academics probation he decided to join the army.
  • Wrote a book

    Wrote his first novel The Romantic Egotist shortly after joining the army. Also, rejected by many.
  • Deployed and dating

    Deployed and dating
    Assigned to a camp in Alabama and met a girl that he was very interested in.
  • Moving to New York

    Moving to New York
    He ended up moving to pursue the girl and even marry her.
  • Ending relationship

    She ended their engagement due to the fact they (she) couldn’t live off of his small salary.
  • Start of career

    Fitzgerald officially commenced his career as a writer of stories for big name magazines.
  • She’s back

    After his sudden salary growth, she came back and married him.
  • Moving a lot

    At many times he lived in New York, St. Paul, France, and Delaware to pursue his career and to move from distractions.
  • Wife’s health

    After intense ballet training his wife’s health started to deteriorate.
  • His work was paused many times

    Due to needing to pay for her medical bills, he stopped writing his novel to write short stories for money.
  • Alcoholism

    During the years 1936-1937 he had some “crack up” years, he suffered from alcoholism.
  • Hollywood

    Fitzgerald moved out to Hollywood on his own to pursue a career. He found a job with MGM as a screenwriter. He was here for 1 year as a screenwriter.
  • Death

    Fitzgerald died of a heart attack in 1940. He died feeling as a failure in his career due to his alcoholism affecting his work.