Extra Credit: BES By: Jake Alokones

  • Exposition Background 1

    Exposition Background 1
    Abby is failing the 5th grade and must bring her grades up by making an A on every test and she must do all her homework. Also, she stll needs extra credit.
  • Exposition; Setting 2

    Exposition; Setting 2
    The setting goes between the view of Abby in Illinois and then it goes to Sadeed in Afghanistan.
  • Expostion: Characters 3

    Expostion: Characters 3
    Abby is from Illinois. Whereas, Sadeed, Amira, Sadeed's parents, and Moomad are from Afghanistan.
  • Rising Action: Conflict 1

    Rising Action: Conflict 1
    Abby is failing the 5th grade and needs to work really hard to pass by getting A's on all of the rest of her tests, she must do all of her homework, and do an extra credit project of her choosing.
  • Rising Action 2

    Rising Action 2
    Abby chooses Afghanistan because of the mountains. She sends the letter to a girl named Amira but she isn't very good in English, so Amira's brother Sadeed helps her.
  • Rising Action 3

    Rising Action 3
    Sadeed Bayat is not pleased to hear that he must commune with a girl from America, because she is a "Girl".
  • Rising Action 4

    Rising Action 4
    Sadeed is ashamed to even help Amira respond to a letter recieved from the "Girl" in America, because girls were not very respected in Afghanistan.
  • Rising Action 5

    Rising Action 5
    Sadeed becomes uninterested in the letter and does not even listen to what Amira wants Sadeed to write in her response letter. Also, he begins to daydream about America.
  • Rising Action 6

    Rising Action 6
    Evantually, Abby gets the letter back and they begin to repeatedly send letters, which Amira signs. Sadeed adds more things in and takes more things out, so he is really speaking in it.
  • Climax

    Sadeed begins to enjoy conversing with Abby and evantually tells her that he is really writing the letters and why. He says that communing with girls is looked down upon in Afgahnistan.
  • Falling Action 1

    Falling Action 1
    Abby is surprised by the letter that accompanies Amira's. It is signed by Sadeed and explains that he was actually writing the letters. She sends a letter back addressing Sadeed without mentioning it in Amira's letter.
  • Falling Action 2

    Falling Action 2
    Abby and Sadeed begin to become friends and they share personal things. Also, they send each other a gift that they found outside. Abby gave Sadeed soil and Sadeed gave Abby a "Mini Mountain".
  • Falling Action 3

    Falling Action 3
    Abby decides that it is not the best idea to hang up the personal letter she recieved from Sadeed that had the "Small Mountain". So, she only hangs Amira's letter.
  • Falling Action 4

    Falling Action 4
    Sadeed is confronted by the man, who sees the American flags on the letter. The man gets very mad and tears the letter. Sadeed runs as the man walks away.
  • Falling Action 5

    Falling Action 5
    Sadeed tells his teacher what happened and his teacher says that they must stop writing letters to Abby, only for safety measures.
  • Falling Action 6

    Falling Action 6
    Abby recieves the last letter from Amira and Sadeed together, explaining why they have to stop sending letters to Abby. They said it was fun and said thank you.
  • Resolution: 1

    Resolution: 1
    Abby passes and she recieves her last letter from Sadeed. Sadeed says that everyone is fine and the fighting has stopped. Although they still have to stop writing. Sadeed is disappointed that he must stop writing to his new friend Abby, because he feels like they were becoming good friends.
  • Resolution 2

    Resolution 2
    Abby hopes that she will get another letter from Sadeed but, it hasn't arrived yet. She has to take down her bulletinboard and she reminicses over what she has done with her friends in Afghanistan.
  • Resolution 3

    Resolution 3
    Abby recieves the last letter from Sadeed alone saying that he will really miss speaking with her. He also said that his uncle taught him how to rock climb, because Abby inspired him to learn.