By jafri
  • Santa Anna Valley

    Santa Anna Valley
    The Friar junipero Serra named the vallejo of santa (valley saint of anne.) Mission San Juan Capistrano was established within this valley.
  • Period: to

    The new name of jose Antonio Yorba

    1810 year of the commencement
    Jose Antonio Yorba is a sergeant of the spanish army was granted land thathe called rancho santiago de santa ana. After mexican independence by the new goverment.
  • Alta California (1869)

    Alta California (1869)
    By Kentuckian William h. spurgeon on land obteined from the descendents of Jose Antonio Yorba.
  • pacific electric sailway

    pacific electric sailway
    The people running along in fourth street the red cars make a help and alsois more aesirein year 1950 in the rute there was no one.
  • the original avation

    the original avation
    Glenn luther martin created a second company with the named cleveland ohio to form the largest defense contractor in the world.
  • the characterized of santa anna

    the characterized of santa anna
    The time influences the downtown area the artists created the cal state fullertons ' that attract the artists to new bisinesses
  • Santa Anna armay air bases

    Santa Anna armay air bases
    The base is by to growth people as many veterans of families is go to the army, and could return when the war end.
    Was opened north of downtown and became a mayor retail center for the area.
  • the first mayor

    the first mayor
    As we all know the mayor is elected by a voted that the populations decide.
    The first mayor of Latinodescent in the city's history and in fact.