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Expansion of Japan- Sarah Ha & Erica Kang.

  • Invasion of Manchuria

    Invasion of Manchuria
    Japan invades Manchuria for its natural resources. They conquer Manchuria, but is harshly criticized by The League of its interest in China, but on the other hand Japan gains more natural resources.
  • Further Invasion of China

    Japan begins to invade the eastern part of China, forcing the Chinese government into the interior of their own country,
  • Japan takes advantage of World War 2

    World War two starts in Europe, and Japan takes of advantage of the war by creating alliances with the Southeast, mainly for their natural resources.
  • Bombing of Pearl Harbor

    The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. This led to the Pacific War between Japan and America. This affected the lives of many families in both Japan and America. Many young men were drafted into both wars, while daughters, wives, or just women volunteered to be nurses. Many others prayed for their countries.
  • Japan faces first major defeat

    After winning extensive battles in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, they suffer their first major defeat to America. After a period of three years, they are slowly driven from their conquered islands.
  • Atomic bombing in Japan

    Americans drop their first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, following after, another bomb on Nagasaki. This affected many people due to many deaths and fatal wounds. Also cities were reduced to rubble.