EXO (Jiaci's Timeline)

  • Debut

    Lee Soo-man, producer and former CEO of SM entertainment, announced his plan of a new boy group that will debut in March or April in 2012.
  • Songs

    In Aug, 2011, SM Entertainment held 2 events called "Music Camp" in Norway and Denmark. The event had over 50 composers looking for the right song that will match his new boy groups, which is temporarily called M1 and M2, concept.
  • Teasers Member KAI

    Teasers Member KAI
    SM Entertainment decided to do a countdown teaser on Dec. 21, 2011. 100 Days before their debut. The first member KAI was introduced.
  • Teaser 2 Members KAI and Luhan

    Teaser 2 Members KAI and Luhan
    Member Luhan was introduced along with KAI dancing to the song "Time Control" by EXO.
  • Teaser 3 Member Tao

    Teaser 3 Member Tao
    Member Tao was revealed to the public. In this teaer, he was showing his wushu (or martial arts).
  • SBS "Gayo Daejun"

    SBS "Gayo Daejun"
    The first 4 members Kai, Luhan, Tao, and Chen was introduced to the public. They sang, danced and played indtruments with their SM Entertainment seniors
  • Teaser 4-6 KAI

    Teaser 4-6 KAI
    Teaser 4-6 were all member KAI dancing to different songs that will be on EXO's debut album.
  • Teaser 7 MEmbers Sehun & Kai

    Teaser 7 MEmbers Sehun & Kai
    This teaser revealed the youngest member of EXO-K and Kai dancing to one of EXO's songs Run&Gun.
  • Teaser 8 Member Sehun

    Teaser 8 Member Sehun
    After releasing a teaser with Sehun the day before, Sm ENT. released another teaser with him.
  • Teaser 9 Members Luhan&Kai

    Teaser 9 Members Luhan&Kai
    For 3 days straight SM ENT. released a teaser with Sehun. In this teaser, Luhan and Sehun were shown travelling and searching for something.
  • Teaser 10 Member LAY

    Teaser 10 Member LAY
    In this teaser, SM ENT. introduced antoher dancing member LAY.
  • Teaser 11 Member Xiumin

    Teaser 11 Member Xiumin
    Another member, Xiumin was revealed.
  • Prologue Single

    Prologue Single
    The group released their prologue single "What is Love" both in Chinese and Korean. THe song ranked 88 on Korea's Gaon Single Chart. This was composed by Teddy Riley and written by Yoo Young Jin.
  • END of their teasers

    END of their teasers
    After releasing 22 teasers, their last teaser was released. Members KAI, Luhan, Sehun, Tao, Kris, Chen, Xiumin, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Lay, D.O., and Leader Suho were introduced.
  • Showcase

    100 days after their 1st teaser was released, they held a showcase in Korea to celecbrate their debut of teasers. The next day, they will have a chowcase in China. Their Showcase in Korea was uploaded on SM Ent.'s Youtube channel (SMTOWN) in English subs so that Internationals fans could understand what they are watching.
  • Debut Single

    Debut Single
    On April 8, they released their debut single "MAMA". Even though the title is MAMA, MAMA mean majesty. It is written by Yoo Youngjin, who wrote songs for Super Junior, TVXQ, Shinee, F(X), Girls' Genertaion and many more Sm Ent. artist. MAMA ranked 1st on China's Sina Charts and 31 on Korea's Goan Single Chart.
  • Second Prologue single

    Second Prologue single
    On March 9, EXO released "History" in Chinese and Korean. It ranked number 6 on China's Sina Charts and 68 on Korea's GAon Single Chart.