Evolving Land Transportation

  • Model A. Ford

    Model A. Ford
    angelfire.comThe Model A. Ford was Ford's first car.It was also invented in the same year that Ford Motor Company was incorporated.
  • Ford Is Invented

    Ford Is Invented
    colorado.eduThis car company was the first to have an assembly line. Ford's cars are built in the U.S.A.
  • First Affordable Car

    First Affordable Car
    kless.comThe Model T. Ford was the first car that most of America could afford. It also offered nine body styles.
  • Full-Size Hybrid

    Full-Size Hybrid
    pbs.orgIt was the first full-size hybrid which means that the car can run on gas and electricity. The 'Godfather of the the Hybrid', Victor Wouk built this hybrid.
  • Air Suspension Bus

    Air Suspension Bus
    pardo.netThis bus was the first air suspension bus in the world. It also had advances in superb ruggedness.
  • Air Conditioned Subway

    Air Conditioned Subway
    Famous DailyThe first air conditioned subway was in New York City, New York. That same year, the mayor of New York City bought 600 subway cars which cost $15 million dollars.
  • Spinners Are Invented

    Spinners Are Invented
    complex.comWith sinners, the wheels on the car spin non-stop, even when the car is stoped. J.D. Gragg, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, invented spinners.
  • Chrysler Airbags

    Chrysler Airbags
    inventors.about.comChrysler became the first company to have airbags in all of their cars. Airbags are now mandatory in all cars.
  • Intelligent Parking Assist System

    Intelligent Parking Assist System
    cn-coma.comIt was designed for reverse parrallel parking. With theIntelligent Parking Assist System driver intervention was not required.
  • Flying Car

    Flying Car
    sciencedaily.comThe first flying car started out as a project by students in college. Though it was never legal on the road, it would have been a very fun experience.