Evolution of Video Games

  • Tennis for Two

    Tennis for Two
    On October 18, 1958, The first video game Tennis for Two was created for the analog computer.
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    Evolution of Video Games

  • Atari video game company

    Atari video game company
    On June 27th, 1972, The video game company Atari was created, which introduced more games and consoles. This game company produced a new object, game cartridges, which are games that plug in the ROM slot on the Atari consoles.
  • Magnovox odyssey

    Magnovox odyssey
    In September 1972, the first video game console was created, which was also the first console to take advantage of the game cartridge ROMS.
  • Pong

    On November 29, 1972, The game pong was created, which is the successor to Tennis for Two. The game became more popular and contained more color than the original version. The game was also more simple to players as the newer version has a built-in point system.
  • Breakout

    On May 13, 1976, the game breakout was created which introduced players the option to play single-player with a CPU in a tennis game, which is a feature that pong and tennis for two did not have.
  • NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)

    NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
    On July 15, 1983, Nintendo's first console was released. This console had improved from the Atari consoles with the simpler creation of the controller, now containing a d-pad, two face buttons, and a start and select button.
  • Atari Jaguar

    Atari Jaguar
    On November 23rd, 1993, Atari released the Atari Jaguar which used CD disc based games instead of ROM cartridges like the older systems did.
  • PlayStation

    On December 3rd, 1994, Sony released the first PlayStation console. Improved from the NES by containing four face buttons on the controller opposed from two, and four shoulder buttons L1, L2, R1, R2, and also included an additional purchase option of a controller with analog sticks.
  • PlayStation (Pocket Edition)

    PlayStation (Pocket Edition)
    On January 23rd, 1999, The Portable Edition of the original PlayStation, called the PlayStation Pocket, was released. This console was convenient for people who would like to play their home console video games on the go.
  • PlayStation 3

    PlayStation 3
    On November 11th, 2006, Sony released the PlayStation 3, introducing much more features opposed to the older generation consoles, such as party chat and voice chat within games, and online play.
  • PlayStation Vita

    PlayStation Vita
    On February, 22nd, 2012, Sony released the PlayStation Vita which included many features of the PlayStation 3, included with the convenience of portability. This console was also used for playing home video game consoles on the go. This system contained portable party chat, and online play. This system requires the purchase of a memory card to download games which was a newly introduced accessory at the time of its release.
  • PlayStation 4

    PlayStation 4
    On November 15th, 2013, Sony released the PlayStation 4, which contained new features and upgraded previous features from the PlayStation 3, such as having background apps running. while using video streaming services.
  • PlayStation 5

    PlayStation 5
    On November 12th, 2020, Sony's newest console was released. (PlayStation 5), Which is capable of running games at a 4K resolution, and has faster loading times than older consoles, and has a new and improved UI compared to the older systems.