Evolution of Video Game consoles

  • 1967: Brown Box

    1967: Brown Box
    The first video game console ever made was the "Brown Box" by Ralph Baer. Him and his colleagues built a vaccuum tube circuit that connects to a T.V. and it allows players to control 2 squares chasing each other on the screen.
  • 198: Nintendo Entertainment System

    198: Nintendo Entertainment System
    Retailers were skeptical about releasing this new game console after the last video game crash but games such as Super Mario Bros and The Legend Of Zekla were popular and the NES was one of the best selling consoles in video game history.
  • 1989: Gameboy

    1989: Gameboy
    The Gameboy was the first major handheld console. The Gameboy went through many innovations over the years with the Game Boy pocket in 1996 and the Gameboy color in 1998.
  • 1995: Playstation

    1995: Playstation
    The Playstation was the most popular console of the bit era of video games. Playstation games drop dramatically from those on cartaridge based games, Popular games included; Resident Evil, Gran Tursimo, Tekken and Electronic Arts Sports games.
  • 2001: Xbox

    2001: Xbox
    The use of PC technology used while building the Xbox allows for greater performance when compared to other 128 bit consoles like Playstation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube. One of Xbox's greatest games is Halo: Combat Evolved.
  • 2002

    The Gameboy Advanced was an innovation to the original Gameboy. The LCD can display more than 32,000.
  • 2004: Nintendo DS

    2004: Nintendo DS
    The DS has dual screens and a touch screen similar to a tablet. It features backward compatabilty for older game boy games.
  • 2005: Playstation Portable

    2005: Playstation Portable
    Like the Nintendo DS, the PSP gives you wirless capability, high quality graphics, and non gaming functions such as photo storage and audio/video capabilities.
  • 2005: Xbox 360

    2005: Xbox 360
    The Xbox 360 features a sleeker and customizable design, wireless controllers and online experiences through Xbox Live. It has USB ports for connectivity with MP3 players, digital cameras and other devices.
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