Evolution Of Nintendo

Timeline created by Craytor
  • Nintendo is Founded

    Nintendo is Founded
    Nintendo was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi as a card company.
  • Nintendo joins Forces with Disney

    Nintendo joins  Forces with Disney
    Nintendo joined forces with Disney after 70 years of success as a card company. That toke them to the next level as a card company.
  • Nintendo's Famous Arcade an Monkey

    Nintendo's Famous Arcade an Monkey
    The Nintendo's arcade was becoming more popular. Donkey Kong, an important part of the arcade was getting very famous while the arcade was becoming famous.
  • The NES

    The NES
    With that Nintendo made their next council which was called Nintendo Entertainment System or NES. Which was like the Family Computer another product of the Nintendo.
  • The Next Nintendo

    The Next Nintendo
    Super Nintendo is released.
  • Another Nintendo Arrived

    Another Nintendo Arrived
    Nintendo 64 is released.
  • Pokemon Cards

    Pokemon Cards
    Nintendo goes couple steps back and release another card series. The famous Pokemon Cards were released and that was a big hit.
  • The DS and 3DS

    The DS and 3DS
    With that Nintendo DS was released and the 3DS which was the first 3D video gaming council .
  • Wii u is Released

    Wii u is Released
    Wii u is released and was the first council which could sense motions to play the game.
  • Switch

    The Nintendo Switch was the first stationary and portable device. It wireless controllers could detach from the main screen. It was first f its kind.
  • Nintendo Lite

    Nintendo Lite
    The upcoming product of the Nintendo franchise. That will be coming in couple of days.
  • Period: to

    Nintendo Toys

    After this success, they started making food and toys. Though only their toys were a big hit. The first hit toy was called the Ultra Hand made by a guy named Gunpei Yokoi.
  • Period: to

    The Game Boy

    4 years after they released the Game Boy which was the first portable gaming system and was also very cheap. Also, it became instantly famous. With that,they also released Super Mario Bros 3.